Jul 22

It is easy to be aware of physical pain as a symptom of some disturbance of body function. It is natural to give it immediate attention so that we can return to the comfort zone that is physical well being.  If we have been physically injured Nature demands time in order to mend damaged tissue, bone or nerves. We need time to recover from any hurt inflicted upon us from outside.

When someone hurts our feelings, and this is perhaps the most common injury, it is likely to demonstrate symptoms of emotional upset. This can range from tearful episodes, anger, seething resentment or violent reactions that can cause aggressive behavior or retaliation.  We can also brood about the hurt, or try to resolve the cause by discussion. When it is extremely serious, we can allow depression or even despair to take away our ability to enjoy life.

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Jul 16

Mental illness can manifest in a range of symptoms as complex as the physical symptoms of disease and can include discomforts that can relate to both the body and our psychological nature. There have been great advances in the treatment of physical and mental problems since that period in history when ignorance about mental disease was such that patients were incarcerated in dungeons and locked away from society.

Although self-help efforts should always be first encouraged, some serious cases are not possible to correct, except by professional psychologists and psychiatrists. As one seeks for a doctor to help with matters of physical health beyond self-help, so our first search should be to find a reliable professional psychologist whom we can trust to assist with the delicate responsibility of serving as a doctor for our mind.

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