Sep 25

Physical fitness is a common subject and can be described relatively easily as a state of well being without pain or disease and an ability to participate in physical activities.

Mental fitness is more subtle but equally is a state of mental comfort, without stress or psychological disturbance, and an ability to participate in intellectual exchange and activity.

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Sep 25

Thousands of people suffer from stress, depression and mental disorders of various kinds. There are many attempts by individuals and groups in the community to answer their calls for help. But if we are personally seeking assistance we must have confidence that the doctors, psychologists, therapists and organizations offer treatment methods that have proven to be effective. We must explore the nature of their services and use discrimination in our selection of professional therapy.

Some organizations offer systems based upon technology that works with the brainwave patterns of consciousness with promises to ‘increase longevity, slow ageing and lower stress’ and we can understandably be a little sceptical. However new approaches may advance to have the answers and perhaps will be able to  ‘…put you safely, quickly and easily into states of deep relaxation and stress release’ so that we will have immediate ‘increased feelings of well being.’

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Sep 11

The healthy state of a child’s mind begins at home. Early years are very important both for the development of emotional life as well as thought patterns and intellect. All development is easier if there is a foundation of robust physical health.

When infants display signs of irregular or erratic behavior, stress reactions and nervous problems that are indicative of some imbalance in the psyche it can cause parents great concern as to the means of correction. Sometimes the causes are not known or whether the problems are the result of physiological chemistry or deeper neurological or psychological factors.

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Sep 8

Mental illness in our young people is a serious problem with 27,000,000 postings on the internet under ‘Mental Disease in Children’.

Symptoms of mental illness range from nervous tension or stress, temper, crying, hyperactivity, digestive disorders, to more serious signs such as hallucinations, nightmares, fear, anxiety, depression, self-arm and intellectual impairment.

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