Nov 6

Patients are not getting the promised results after taking prescribed medication from the range of drugs now commonly known as antidepressants.  Not only are the benefits in question, but also the growing categories of ‘side effects’ that follow a course of these drugs. ‘Antidepressants’ is a misnomer – these drugs can actually cause depression and intensify than the original symptoms for which the medication was prescribed. One clinical trial of the drug Halcion, for instance, resulted in 70% of people trialed, experienced memory loss, depression and paranoia.

However, in spite of the emerging proof of the dangers of these psychiatric drugs and their potential to effect mind changing behavior negatively, even to a point of suicide, most doctors continue to claim that by far the most prescriptions they make out in their practice are for antidepressants for adults, and increasingly Ritalin for ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children.

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Nov 3

When we quietly sit down to meditate and keep our bodies upright but relaxed, close our eyes gently and feel conscious of the only movement being our breathing it has a wonderful and sometimes magical effect. After some minutes of stillness of body, our minds begin to become quieter as the agitation and passing thought activity becomes subdued.  Any clouded state of depression will begin to lift as we focus upon the highest life source we can and even with eyes closed it is possible to ‘see’ a degree of light is we turn our eyes upward.

Stillness becomes a time of interesting experience. We become first aware of our physical comfort or otherwise, then of the constant rhythm of the breath, and of our senses that maintain our increasing awareness of ourselves as we shut out the external world by closing our eyes.

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