Jan 27

As we all strive towards enjoyment of physical health, free of ailments, we also wish to experience a comparable state of mental fitness.

Pride in ourselves comes more easily when we know that our body is in good shape, vital and functioning freely without impediment.

Similarly, our self confidence increases when the same principles are applied to our psychological health, when positive, creative thoughts and ideas govern our emotions.

Mental health is becoming recognized as an issue that threatens to dominate medical issues in the community in the future with serious personal ramifications even more distressing than physical disease.

Prevention is the wisest path to follow. This is a relatively simple matter if each of us chooses to become as focussed on the natural rules that must be followed to establish mental fitness as we do in our disciplines to create physical fitness.

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Jan 25

In English we use exactly the same word to denote a sensory physical touch or sensation as for ‘feeling’ meaning emotional mood and experience. Although it is often the case that sensory feeling is accompanied by an emotional state, it is important that we clarify that the following use of the word applies to our emotions. Emotions can directly affect our mental health.

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