Jul 26

When we choose to reflect upon ourselves within the vastness of the universe, it would seem as if we are as nothing.

But as a conscious intelligence with Free Will, each of us represents a formidable potential for creativity and for better comprehending the Universe in which we live as well as becoming aware of the ability we have to contribute to it.

Our Free Will is the Power which gives us the gift of Choice and the capacity to create what our minds conceive. Any limitation is only defined by our imagination.

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Jul 9

Union with the Divine ! this is a phrase common to human aspiration and the inherent desire we have to realize truths through our own direct spiritual experience.

All of us long for profound, conscious realisation and confirmation of our beliefs.  It is natural that we seek to have a direct relationship with our Maker. To have an intimate inner knowledge of the Source of our life energy helps us to feel spiritually secure. Without this inner element, life can remain incomplete.

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Jul 6

Psychology = “‘The science of the mind, or mental states and processes; the science of human nature…”


Western psychology is a relatively recent science which, although valuable in basic matters regarding behaviour, personality and the general function of the mind, in no way claims knowledge of, or allows for the existence, let alone the study of the soul and spirit of the human being. It has made great advances in the study of human behaviour and mental diseases but has not found answers enough to cope with the mental aberrations which torment society and which are on the increase.

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Jul 6


Relaxation-  Practice lying flat on floor if possible either in quietude or gentle classical music. This requires no thinking but feeling awareness only  – Let nature’s vitality flow through and refresh your psyche

Enjoy a professional relaxation massage – to feel energies renewed

Physical exercise followed by a warm shower or bath with lavender or neroli bath oil

Take a series of slow deeper breaths before you decide to become active again – then deliberately inhale the perfume of one of the natural essential oils that appeals to you

Spend 5 minutes in upright position repeating your personal affirmation that inspires and makes you feel happy and strong

Drink pure water – rainwater if possible or drink a pure fresh fruit juice -sipping a little at a time and consciously drawing vitality

Appreciate being alive – Look around you and focus upon the beautiful forms, plants, sky, trees – to realise afresh how wonderful to be alive to learn and to enjoy nature and participate in the Life Adventure

Finally, promise yourself to remain as long as possible in this pleasant mind set or mood. Let nothing disturb you. Let no one have the power to disturb you. Remain calm in whatever circumstances

Attend classes or participate in sports that are directly helpful in lifting your mood –confiding in your therapist, attending  laughing groups, comedy shows, or, listening to favourite melodic music

Be creative – painting, playing a musical instrument, sewing, crafts, singing or skills in a sport

Seek for a skilled psychologist who will help you without recommendation for prescription drugs, many of which cannot claim to cure and many can prove harmful

Find a healthy natural alternative to The Pill that is one proven cause of depression

Any or all of these are positive self determined ways to overcome depression and you will benefit continuing efforts especially when you find what really works for you personally.

Prayer is the universal ‘advice’ or technique to help lift your mood



Drink alcohol – it will not help your depression in the long run

Don’t take antidepressant medications –  many will be detrimental to your mental well being

Don’t remain solitary except to practise your private relaxation but enjoy walks and the company of a friend.

Don’t get in the habit of repeating to yourself or to others “I’m depressed ..” or “I’m feeling bad” – this has a negative effect upon the subconscious mind that relies upon positive thought feed-in.

Don’t continue any old habit – substitute a better one!

Don’t seek solace from food – when depressed is the worst time to digest food and your body will suffer

Don’t try to focus your mind in reading dutiful learning or study but rather choose to study a subject or hobby of genuine personal interest

Don’t bombard your brain with heavy rock noises or music that is loud and without melody at this is the cause of much depression.

Don’t burden your love ones or take out your moods upon others if you can confide in a psychologist or counsellor who is trained to be impartial and just listen.


You are a special and unique person, created to experience and enjoy life as well as to offer your personal gifts and talents to others. Why waste life time?


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