May 25

In maintaining clear thought and concentration we realize the importance of the instrument of our brain, more sensitive and more valuable than our material computer.

We all suffer at some time certain tiredness of the mind. Of course there are many causes. The most obvious ones often relate to study and intellectual demands through professions bearing heavy responsibility, or the self inflicted habit of cycling and recycling personal disturbing thoughts of anxiety related to everyday life.

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May 13

It is not that we need more knowledge about the mind as much as finding how to construct a life- saving bridge from our minds to the knowledge deep in our hearts.

Stranded on the shores of knowledge of the intellect alone, we eventually find ourselves lonely and devoid of real life satisfaction and experience regardless of our accumulation of information.

If we should choose to depend upon our emotions and consciousness of our hearts alone, we soon learn that we need the mind to channel our affections and sympathies appropriately.

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May 11

Many people today seem to depend upon their consultations with a personal psycho-analyst in order to help clear the mental and emotional energies that tend to accumulate when we have no time to attend to sorting our problems out for ourselves.

Those who make time to practise simple relaxation techniques, or employ the fine yogic technique of Yoga Nidra find that these measures are satisfactory in reducing stress.

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May 11

Creating your own creed is a serious and helpful exercise.

Doing this will help you to formulate the values that are important to your life and the way you live it for your soul’s satisfaction.

You will find that it will possibly be a creed that will need revising some time later, but by keeping it simple it may serve you, by silent repetition of it, as a lifelong private source of encouragement and inspiration.

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