Aug 27

Of course we all need to know what is necessary for our own education about the disease called Cancer. Most of us have loved ones who have or are at present suffering from the symptoms or even the chemical treatment methods currently in vogue. There are few families that escape this modern health hazard in our polluted environment where no natural element is untainted.

However, although in particular it is a disease of the so called ‘developed countries’ where chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industries abound as does greed and material affluence, it is not entirely without other factors in its complex causes.

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Aug 26

Mental hygiene – the basic rule for health – keeping our thoughts clear of any unwholesome thoughts and ideas

Mental attitude – our positive mental attitude allows positive moods and happiness and is just as important as good physical posture that allows healthy physiological processes

Mental ‘diet’ or nourishment – the matter which we read, or listen to, must be of good quality material and provide a healthy variety of information that we can digest

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Aug 26

Natural White Light is comprised of what we often call the seven colours of the rainbow.

By its light astronomers are able to analyse and distinguish different features of a celestial body or galaxy through observation of its colours. These are the true colours or energies that are recorded by sophisticated technology, not the colour enhanced, beautiful images we are often provided through NASA.

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Aug 17

Realization is the experience of our consciousness when we discover, or rediscover a truth.

It follows as a natural response to our efforts in our quest for knowledge. It does not come to us on demand but rather spontaneously and often when we least expect it. It cannot be related solely to a thought experience of the mind. It also can involve emotional excitation and euphoria of spirit.  Realization is variously described according to the intensity and the sphere of knowledge to which it is related.

It is illustrated in comic strips as a light globe above the head of the character. It is verbally described as ‘I see’ in the sense of comprehension and understanding. It is seen as an awakening or new experience beyond the familiar effort and process of conscious thinking. And it is also commonly used to indicate an acceptance of a truth about life.

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