Oct 10

Simple thoughts and clear ones are most welcome ones to nourish our minds.


“Listen to all who talk from the heart, for your heart needs food too.  But do not follow their saying blindly, because your truth, your own truth, is within you.  Obey the dictates of your heart therefore, and be not afraid, because it will never lead you astray.

The heart is the treasure-house of wisdom; the mind is the treasure house of learning.  So look to the balance between mind and heart; and what is felt as an inner, clear conviction, hold fast to that before all, and do not waver.”

Meha Baba

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Oct 8

Many of us are trapped in the inner world of our own thoughts.  We get entangled in the maze of ideas, impulses, reactions, memories, processes, dreams and yearnings that can take possession of our thought faculties and over which at times it seems we have no conscious control. We must respect the position of power and influence of our mind that governs and directs our feelings and actions but we must not allow its strident dictatorship.

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