Dec 4

INTUITION – Refreshing our interpretation of the word ‘intuition’ offers a simple reminder that it means learning from within rather than without.

Intuition is the faculty within us that encourages us toward what we consider to be right action, feelings and thoughts.  Intuition teaches us and helps us to be true to ourselves and to live according to our aspirations and highest aims.  It tends to develop as a dominant faculty particularly with females and has a vast potential to aid all of us in the art of living. But in order to be aware and receptive to this inner guiding voice, we must be sensitive to it and learning to trust it takes a little practice.

Awareness of intuition may vary with each of us, sometimes occurring with a subtle but repeated or sustained feeling about something or someone. Sometimes like a bolt out of the blue we may feel compelled to act upon a strong ‘hunch’ when we seem motivated by an inner shout rather than a subtle whisper of what to do.  Some of us may choose to be ‘deaf’ to the inner voice, and can only find trust in logical thoughts as they arise from a familiar basis.

However, we are most likely to benefit by our inner guidance and wisdom, if we are conscious of the existence of the faculty and are prepared to listen to our own inner counsel.

The result is of benefit to us in several ways – by the expansion of our sensitivity and awareness of everything around us and in our lives; by increased perception of factors in our relationships that allow greater exercise of compassion; it offers a means of trusting ourselves and gaining greater self confidence;  and discovering and utilizing intuition allows us to know that we are capable of accessing inner wisdom as to how to direct our lives constructively.

Learning to appeal and to listen to this inner voice of wisdom and to apply it will invite direct proof of its value.