Apr 17

Re-cycled man must regain true form and health

He must, re-moulded, trust again the spirit’s wealth

Find beauty, line and grace once more enshrined

Not only in his art but in the fabric of his mind

If he will not return as prodigal to what is right

Resist and continue in his material ways of might

Then doom is forecast! as the gods, we understand,

Can no longer tolerate man’s devious turn from what is planned.

Sally Janssen

Apr 2

The subject has become a focus of political and philosophical disturbance and debate in many countries where enjoying freedom has eroded discrimination and given tolerance and now licence to wrongdoing.

Time and energy is being spent in the presentation of a perverted idea of marriage in human culture in western countries termed as ‘gay marriage’ between two of the same sex. It is seen as an issue of ‘choice’ and ‘sexual preference’ to question nature and deny one’s birth sex.

In western countries as in Australia, if this issue is not speedily resolved by strong public stance that wishes the retention of traditional marriage custom, we are likely to find social changes that are totally destructive to our physical and emotional way of life.

It appears that speakers at a recent rally in Parliament House organized by the National Marriage Coalition were vocal in their objections as reported in The Australian newspaper August 16th 2011. We need strong moral attitudes to prevail.

Attempts are being made to pollute our minds into thinking black is white and this if successful in the effort to enshrine homosexual marriage as lawful would not only make mockery of our traditional System of Law based upon natural ethics and principles but would contribute to the eventual, or even immediate destruction of our present civilization.

Throughout the world’s cultures sexual relationships between two of the same sex has been deemed unlawful and in some communities punished by death.  What is now posed is a complete overturning of traditional rules of sexual behaviour that challenge all the laws of society but those related to health, hygiene, morals and spiritual principles upon which our civilization has advanced.

Scientific knowledge and rules of hygiene are ignored or being challenged. This is obvious in the case particularly of active male homosexuals whose sexual abuses involve anal entry, by which Aids is known to be transmitted.

Once homosexual behaviour was considered to be an aberration and classed as a mental or emotional disease that should be responded to with compassion, tolerance and healed through psychological adjustment.

Now we are in danger of not only promoting physical sexual disease and psychological symptoms but of undermining forever the potential trust and loving relationship that is the ideal of natural male/female relationships.

All this is occurring because of weakness that has allowed our thought processes to be distorted. We have allowed insidious methods of persuasion to force us adopt ideas that deny logic, to feel differently and to deny natural instincts in assuming a tolerance and understanding that most of us do not possess. Most healthy people when considering the subject impartially will feel abhorrence at the abnormal behaviour associated with homosexuality.

When are we to find the strength to take a moral stance as to what is right and wrong without apology?

Surely our concept of democratic freedom still embraces responsibility?

We are denying this democratic freedom by surrendering to destructive social trends that would deny decent human integrity and values.

The warnings are clear. It is now up to us to protect natural relationships and family life.