Jul 12

Throughout the journey of life, other people can be considered to be our travelling companions.

Beyond the time of shared companionship and experiences along the way, there are the beautiful and rare companions with whom one wishes to stop to rest and enjoy a period of time with those to whom one feels attuned.

More wonderful is to discover en route one’s soul mate with whom a deeper and enduring relationship is established to make happier journeying through the ups and downs of life circumstances as well as the mutual richness of soul which comes from sharing.

Some travel alone without finding such companionship. In solitude their journey is undertaken in a conscious or unconscious desire to relate more directly to Nature itself, or the Universal life beyond human individuality. Some are lonely in their aloneness, knowing the pleasure of shared life journeying and yearning for fulfilment never found in spite of their desire. Others happily choose to travel alone in their vital adventurous push towards their goal and the distant summit.

Some travellers linger to study and observe nature around them.

Others are sympathetic to those in need and interrupt their journey in order to encourage others or to assist or to heal those who are suffering.

Inevitably no matter our chosen style of travel, we retain our singular identity, regardless of our close companions, to arrive at our eventual destination, alone but with the knowledge that we have lived our life well and wiser in the knowledge that all life is One.

Although the bonds we establish with others along life’s way are powerful we must remember that the healthiest relationships are formed when all the parties involved are happy and whole and of course this applies most intensely to the natural relationship of marriage between man and woman, which is based upon a willing bondage, one to the other.


Jul 12

If you are emotionally healthy you will have ingredients of the emotions of all types in your emotional storehouse, but a greater supply of the positive energies than the negative.

You will have a naturally generous and loving attitude to life and to people and feel no urge for undue self preservation attitudes of defensiveness which can cause negative reaction in others.

Your moods will generally be stable and contented and you will be free to display your affection as you wish.

You will graciously receive the affection of others without rejecting their emotional gifts to you.

Guilt will have melted away as you come to kind and understanding of your past and its problems so that you are kind also to yourself. This will equip you to be as kind to others.

You will enjoy life and find many interesting avenues to enjoy through your own seeking, and also you will enjoy whatever life turns up for you.

Above all your attitude of contentment will display a rounded and integrated pattern of your healthy and loving emotional nature that co-operates with your mental values and ideals.

Jul 12

When we choose to reflect upon ourselves within the vastness of the universe, it would seem as if we are as nothing.

But as a conscious intelligence with Free Will, each of us represents a formidable potential for creativity and for better comprehending the Universe in which we live as well as becoming aware of the ability we have to contribute to it.

Our Free Will is the Power which gives us the gift of Choice and the capacity to create what our minds conceive. Any limitation is only defined by our imagination.

 Free Will is an exciting human faculty. It allows us to determine choices and how we wish to enjoy and spend our lifetime and in what direction of creativity we wish to exercise our skills.

The gift of Free Will can also seem daunting when we realise that we can no longer blame anyone or anything for our situations and circumstances, for our thoughts, feelings and actions.  We are all now experiencing the reactions to our past actions and choices a we will in future experience good and bad initiated by our present thoughts and action.

We must accept that with Free Will comes personal responsibility; self-determination, self- consciousness– and the sense of potential self- awareness and self empowerment on every level of our being body and soul. This is when we arrive at our maturity as a human being to herald a time when we know our personal freedom and can determine the application of our personal power.

To succeed in valuing Free Will and employing our inner power constructively, we need the guidance and inner wisdom of our soul that directs us through the confusions of life by the faculty of intuition.