Aug 23

When we are physically well we know it by experiencing physical comfort and freedom from aches and pains.

When we are mentally well, we experience mental comfort as contentment and freedom from symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety.

Physical well-being is appreciated as a means to an end, which is to enjoy physical activities we have determined as important in our material accomplishments and enjoyments of life.

Mental health is similarly appreciated as a state of mind which can allow us to enjoy pursuit of knowledge and study of things that interest us and make us feel that we are successfully employing our intellect in areas of most importance to us.

Physical symptoms, even minor irritations, can command our attention to the detriment of more important work at hand.

Mental worries and concerns in the same way, leech energies that could be channelled towards achievements of greater value.

Physical fitness requires us to undertake a health programme that reduces symptoms of discomfort and builds our body.

Mental health or mental fitness requires that we establish a corresponding mental health programme that reduces psychological discomfort, and builds a strong and positive mind.

We need to arrive at a state of physical and mental fitness. Many of us understand these principles and are working towards both. However, are you getting results?

There is a third, and vital ingredient to consider. It is the bridge to success.This is the inclusion of the emotional factor, the most powerful element in your life, when it is used and expressed as enthusiasm. Any discipline must be approached with enthusiasm if we wish to enjoy the best results.

 We must undertake self discipline in the right spirit. And this is what is happening if you are experiencing good results in your personal health programme. If however, you find that you are not getting the desired results, consider a fresh approach.

Recognize the need for that third ingredient to be injected into your efforts.

Then you will succeed.