Oct 19

We each possess an inherent degree of understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

We are reminded of what is wrong when our conscience pricks us and we will attempt to refrain from wrongdoing.  We are urged towards what is right by our own spiritual intuition.

These two inner voices are the product of life experience and help to keep our balance as we aim to live well and constructively.

With personal matters it is relatively easy to follow our codes of morals and ethics.

When we are faced with social issues we often become confused and less able to hear with clarity the answer as to what is right or wrong because of outer trends, pressures and persuasive ideologies.  We are sometimes less able to think for ourselves and issues can become complex and distorted.

We require a simple inner monitor to remind us of our chosen stance.  There are many approaches as each of us refers to our own ideal.

The closer we feel certain of what is natural is what is right and the more convinced our thoughts the more likely we will feel confident of a harmony that exists within our hearts and minds. It is this voice that we can simply refer to and remain true to.

All that remains is to possess the wisdom and honesty to guide actions accordingly.