Nov 12

A well cared for brain that is properly nourished is not likely us to suffer a state of depression.

Check what this involves.

The brain requires constant supply of fresh air and oxygen for proper function.

It needs a clear bloodstream that provides the vital minerals and vitamins for its healthy structure and function.

It requires adequate circulation of the blood.

It depends upon the natural stimulus provided by all the senses but particularly by the olfactory sense that alerts it to any danger and also offers subtle nourishment through inhalation of pleasant scents and perfumes.

The brain is the physical instrument of the mind. It stores information and functions in a myriad of ways to allow intellectual creativity, channelling emotional energy, and directing our actions.  It is also overseer of the physical body with all its physiological functions and sensory organs, the mobility of the limbs, in fact for everything involved in the preservation of the life of the individual.

Proper nutrition, physical exercise, rest and good quality sleep are essential as is adequate oxygen intake through good respiration. Our brain functions best in quietude and thrives upon intellectual study and exchange of ideas through social interaction. All are important aids to help brain function.

Our earthly existence is utterly dependent upon a well functioning brain which must also be protected from any damage.

In addition to the liabilities incurred through general diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and others, the damaging factors are numerous – alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, ingestion or inhalation of chemical irritants, lack of oxygen, lack of sleep, loud noises, poor nutrition, physical dehydration, shock, smoking, poor body posture, psychological stress, stimulants tea and coffee, radiation and experiencing direct or indirect violence. There are many influences that affect us negatively.

But most of all we should focus upon nourishing our brain as Nature demands.