Feb 25

Think strong thoughts and we become strong

Think mean thoughts will make us mean

Think loving thoughts and we become loving

Think cruel thoughts makes us cruel

Think peaceful thoughts and we come to peace

It is a fact of life that we become an expression of our total thought


Feb 25

To be balanced is perhaps the best indication of our mental health.

Balance means a mid-point between extremes – between peaceful and excited; between a sense of pride and humility; between courage and caution and all the hundred qualities, attitudes or feelings that require our inner decisions and choices.

Every day we are tested in this exercise that is common to us all, but uniquely applied in our own personal circumstances.

Perfect balance is a concept we are given in society by certain values and symbols, the most powerful perhaps being that of Justice and the scales that represent clear judgment and truth.

But we all know that when faced with serious issues and decisions we not only have a thought to guide us, but must contend also with our emotions that will often tend to tilt the scales.  This is another aspect of Balance – we must maintain a balance between our minds and our hearts hoping to arrive at an integration that disallows restless inner argument. Our thoughts and feelings are best when hand in hand.

Another evidence of balance is when all the complexities of our physiological processes are in harmony as they should and we experience good health.

Another deeper issue is when we contemplate the two extreme philosophies to seek our own answer as to whether either free will is most potent or that our lives are determined by fate.

When an idea is balanced it feels right, it feels good.

When art is balanced, it is beautiful.

When we feel we are balanced we feel right and know that all is well.

Feb 25

As cleanliness is a prime rule for physical health, so it is for our psychological state. We need to be able to resist or eliminate unwholesome thoughts and influences from our minds.

The negative thoughts and feelings that are damaging to our well being are those that turn our energies and attention away from our selected enterprises and over which we seem to have no control.  Amongst these are anticipated fears relating to the future, present issues and anxieties, and also thoughts of anger and resentment related to the past. Thinking about issues when we are unable to do anything to solve them, or act in a way that is appropriate, leeches our mental energies that would be better employed by enjoying the present.

We must find our own personal way to deal with unwanted thoughts, feelings and negative influences. Until we accomplish a measure of success, we will live our lives burdened or even handicapped in a way that disallows our happiness.

Just like regular practices of hygiene, we must attend to daily clearing of our minds until it becomes a habit to let go the unwanted and allow focus upon life’s pleasantries.  Some choose to write diary form communications to themselves. Others choose to chat to a friend. Simple prayers or sayings when silently repeated to oneself are always reliable, particularly when affirmations are relevant to the immediate situation. Thoughts that change our attitudes and emotions are especially powerful in casting away the unimportant to leave us free to think clearly.

Whatever our own problems about negatives that we would not want to share,  we must be as disciplined as we are with our physical environment and regularly polish up our mental state until we feel content, secure and at peace within ourselves, with others and with life.


Feb 15

What is natural serves as a reasonable guide to what is right. If we continue to try to turn our reasoning upside down or seek to challenge the great fundamental laws of Nature, we are in for a shock or two.

When our leaders choose to take us in a direction that we know is wrong, we as the people must assert ourselves.  We have the freedom to deny their further poor government that is inclined to use bullying tactics to initiate laws that would be an affront to our freedom when they touch on traditional moral and religious issues.

When and where have governments had the power to challenge Nature and legislate in a way that declares that what the people know as wrong, has become right?  ….only in countries where dictators rule. There is no place for this in a democracy. As long as individual thought has not been entirely destroyed the people in their values will gravitate towards what is natural, and therefore get back on track towards a genuine and wiser path to human advancement.

For instance, should we regress, by mistakenly accepting homosexual behaviour we will find it is a likely precursor to our doom as a people. This has been proven in previous civilizations where the male and females no longer recognize nature’s purpose as the vital key.

Should we continue to neglect or reject the responsibilities and the qualities of our birth sex and seek co-operative expression in normal blending of men and women in partnership, we are distorting the creative and proper use of sexual energy polarity by directing vitality into sterile or perverted channels.

The concept of sex as a fine and beautiful means of channelling another human being into the world has been damaged almost beyond repair.

The beauty and comfort of family life no longer exists to provide security and peace. There are few homes where a disciplined pattern and order of refinement is not longer possible because of the intrusion of outside pollutants of thought and behaviour.

If we would wish to intelligently correct our mistakes and rebuild our culture on a firm foundation there is little time for women, the gentle sex, to strive to become women again as for men to regain true strength of heroic manhood.