Oct 28

Dementia, in addition to many other types of mental disease that exist in the community, is reaching epidemic proportions in many countries including Australia where over 150,000 suffer severe symptoms.

This would indicate a greater need for self responsibility in undertaking the necessary changes of lifestyle. Only then can we have confidence in our own future and have a chance of escape from being just another in the general statistic.

Not only do we need to institute routine preventive measures  – good habits than have power to contribute to a healthy brain and body but we need to have a high degree of confidence in the power and influence of our own mind – its capacities and its co-operative role in maintaining physical health.

The vital factors in maintaining brain and mental healthy function can be reduced to a few important reminders –

Be sure to drink plenty of fresh, un-chlorinated, unfluoridated water

Nutrition should avoid processed commercial foods as much as possible

Diet to include fresh green salads, a variety of nuts and grains and limited dairy produce

Exercising every day, advancing our personal physical capacity

Conscious breath control to provide maximum energy levels

Creating a stress free personal environment

Vital interest and involvement in specific creative hobbies and activities

Challenging our mental talents and faculties

A faith or philosophy that embraces a clear direction regarding best attitudes towards not only our own life and a sense of community welfare but a presiding faith in Nature and the universal principles that affect us all.