Jan 31

Because traditional claims for direct benefits from inhaling or applying essential oils has attracted great public interest over the last years there is considerable enthusiasm to evaluate the claims by modern scientific processes.

 Practical research trials at Tottori University, Japan have interesting conclusions.

Seventeen elderly people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease were monitored after

introducing essential oils in their therapy.

 Rosemary and lemon oils were used in the morning and lavender and orange in the evening for a period of 28 days after time the patients were assessed and showed some degree of  cognitive function enough to indicate a new and safe potential for the use of essential oils in regular treatment of the elderly suffering from the disease.

 The Shefa Neuroscience Research Centre, Tehran, Iran reports that scientists have found positive results in the use of Lavender oil in a range of neurological disorders.

As the realization of the chances of contracting Alzheimer’s in the aging populations is increasing in western countries in particular, so there is eagerness to find and apply simple, safe, natural ways of prevention.


Jan 31

These influences of the two ‘parent’ celestial bodies that directly affect earth life can be applied to each of us personally, as to societies and nations. Astrologers keep the personal and the wider applications in mind when interpreting a Chart – understanding that dissolving conflicts and achieving balance between Sun and Moon is the ultimate goal for each of us.

Beyond the obvious influences of the sun upon our brighter spirits and the moon upon the subtle moods and tides there are others to consider….

SUN influences




good fortune











outward expression



material & spiritual power                



MOON influences

state of mind

emotional moods


agricultural growth

cyclic growth

ocean tides

fertility in females


emotional and mental states

intellect and sensitivities

energy patterns

seed germination

the brain


preserving life



psychic & spiritual power

Jan 31

 Image processing in humans is proven to be much faster than previously thought.

Beyond what was previously accepted by scientists that the brain takes 100 milliseconds to process something we observe through a visual image,  the brain is now proven capable of processing a visual image seen for just 13 milliseconds.

This is remarkable feat when one considers the thousands/millions of images that flow into the brain through the eyes every day.

It therefore points to the desirability to not overwork the faculty through too great a volume of visual input;  to avoid excessively disturbing speedy images and lighting; to rest the eyes every now and then in order to relieve the visual sense.

Brief reflection leads us to more fully appreciate and desire to utilize both the natural and precious sense of sight and the wonderful mental faculty that can interpret all that we ‘see’ with our eyes.

Jan 26

In the midst of a very disturbed and disturbing world, where power is measured in terms of money and possessions

and mental creations are often  shallow efforts of the ego, we are surrounded by influences that undermine spiritual and moral

values that are our life guides as a people.

Let us work to refine our own inner world of our mind that in our stillness and quietude we may remain faithful to the true values that allow

peace, simplicity and loving kindness to all.  It is by our attunement to the source of all truth, love and goodness that we are empowered  with

the inner strength we need for the year ahead.

Quiet minds strengthen clarity of perception, self confidence and the sense of power to overcome negative challenges.

Each of us can offer this subtle power and so help bring the world eventually to the peace and happiness we all desire in our hearts.