Mar 22

 Human culture represents the striving for individual and social harmony.

It teaches us values of importance and the necessity for individual and social responsibility.

It reminds us of the importance of ethics and ideals as well as encouraging us to attempt to support these in all our actions.

Culture helps to keep the balance between materialism and the spiritual life and expression of thought.

We cannot betray culture through allowing our minds to be perverted or turned away from the enduring values and qualities that make us human and without which we become self destructive, as is becoming evident in this present era.

All of us will know that we are being persuaded to think that wrong doing can be excused, that violence is tolerated, that more is better as we indulge in a life of getting rather than of giving.  We see art become desecrated and ugliness ousts things of beauty. We hear noise rather than soothing music and innumerable evidences of lost integrity of mind, loving expression of the heart and sadly, the lost dignity of human souls.

We must remain inwardly still and strong, remain faithful to the core values we know are the right ones and refuse to be in doubt, quietly resisting anything that hints of intrusion into our minds. We must strengthen the qualities that give us confidence in the power of the individual will to keep our minds free, balanced and clear.

For what is the human race without culture, goodness and freedom to express the finest?

Mar 2

There are certain ways to help our brain maintain its efficiency.

These are some of the reminders that we should act upon Now!


Daily Personal Diary entries to record the day and plan tomorrow

Physical Exercise not only helps the muscles but the brain as well – particularly those requiring improved co-ordination

Physical Nutrition must be of the finest possible to provide the brain with its natural requirements

Select natural remedies that have been time tested through traditional application before considering drug medication with their possible side effects

Mental Exercises are valuable to help remember or recall names and places

Testing Memory undertake mental exercises as offered in Brain Game systems and the valuable game of Chess

Study a specific subject of interest to increase your knowledge and assist concentration

Read books that are comfortable but also try to grasp new ideas or new subject matter

Debate issues and subjects with others in a disciplined manner to balance thought processes

Enjoy a hobby that offers pleasure and sheer mental relaxation

Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep restore vitality and to soothe and retain equilibrium

Keep faith and confidence in the inherent human brain faculties in your inner computer-like brain