Jun 7

Anxiety that stretches beyond natural caution or a temporary state of stress tends to become fear – fear that can paralyse us, spoil our enjoyment of life and stifle our creative thought.

Fear can affect our soul and make us timid in facing life experience

Fear can affect our mind to dominate our creative and expansive thought processes

Fear can strangle our natural emotions that seek expression through love, kindness and joy

Fear can make our bodies rigid instead of supple and healthy

There are fears of many kinds and most of us will suffer some or even many in our lifetime if we do not give them our conscious attention.    For example, the following ….

Fear of disease        Fear of lightning             Fear of heights        Fear of water

Fear of going out    Fear of being enclosed     Fear of people          Fear of loneliness

Fear of fame            Fame of failure                 Fear of the dark         Fear of the future

Fear of the past       Fear of some animals      Fear of crowds          Fear of dying

Fear of flying           Fear of accident                Fear for loved ones    Fear to lose independence

To all these potential attitudes that can ruin our lives and undermine our peace are also all the subtler fears that inhabit our thought world.

There are different ways to reduce our fears. To expect drugs to do this is naive as we all know that drugs will often present us with new or additional stress.

We must find a way after recognizing a fear, to dissolve it, reduce it, or cancel it – not by fighting it but by self persuasion and gentler means else any relief will be only temporary.

Jun 6

 Rhythmically, peacefully, into my body

The streams of refreshment, of healing, of comfort

Shall flow through the darkness

Renewing my life force, my powers of resistance

Rebuilding my health of my mind and my body.

to repeat mentally over and over….