Dec 24

Strong ideas, principles and ethics allow societies to be established and sustained.  We are living in times that exaggerate the need for tolerance of everybody else and every other religion and culture and yet have foresaken our own.  We are at risk of losing the security we have been privileged to enjoy through previous people and their endeavours for humanity.  We are neglecting our own ways in what seems misguided desire to demonstrate a ‘tolerance’  that results in our weakness as a people.

It cannot be right to wish otherwise than to become a reliable and responsible citizen in whatever is our home country where we are loyal to our nation and justifiably proud of its successes.

How can we be persuaded we must be tolerant above all, considerate beyond reason to those who have recently sought refuge in our country in order to escape their own failing country and its violent circumstances ? This to a point that allows our flag to be burned or desecrated without penalty; our own citizens and innocents terrorized both by threat and fear; or that we listen to their further demands and seek to placate them without insistance that newcomers are to  learn our language, respect our laws and integrate into the fine society that drew them to safety.

Having listened to the trendy mantra of ‘tolerance’ we have failed to protect our own people. Our culture is crumbling as in other western countries where the people have chosen to become weak rather than remaining strong. We seem unable to not react to the irritants of Islam and blind to its codes that allow violence to achieve ends that threatens the core of  democracy.  We have become, instead of saviours of a disadvantaged people, ourselves the victims of the disease of  terrorism.

Instead of the weak attitude we take of denial that we have made errors that have broken our defences . We must surely review what is happening and choose to seek correction. As applies to a healthy person, a world of healthy nations will only exist if each unit maintains its freedom and integrity.

Perhaps it is too late?


Dec 24

We are reminded at this Christian celebration of the birth of Christ of the need for

strong leadership to guide us through life’s difficulties.

Loving kindness, Peace and Understanding – the simple reminder of Jesus’s message

to the world will renew our inner strength and human virtues.

To focus upon this will help maintain our natural link and appreciation of goodness

and maintain our simple worship of the Great Creative Intelligence – our life Source.

This brings us Peace.

Dec 15

A human being’s true family does not merely consist of those related by birth

but  of those who share a genuine and abiding love and affection in true friendship.