Mar 30

Because so many have gone before us and are confident enough to offer guidance or give us a hint of what is the key to life’s mysteries, we are injected with certain courage to go in a certain direction or follow a particular method. And because inevitably we must make any method our own if we are to arrive at our own understanding, we must be able to practise and so measure it by the results.

However, because in our culture complexity is the fascination, any philosophy that prescribes simple application of universal principles tends to be neglected, in spite of the thousands of reminders we maintain in our cultural records that teach us otherwise.

In seeking how to be healthy for instance, when once the physical natural laws for health are acknowledged, application must follow and this is difficult enough; to seek in addition to apply the psychological disciplines of emotion and thought that are required for our reason and for our happiness is even more demanding; to feel free to listen to the inner guidance of our own soul and intuition is given less time and attention; to seek to identify with our experiencing soul consciousness that allows us to feel at one with the great Universal Consciousness is the most rarified aspiration and yet the most fundamental Reality a human being needs to know.

It is not by thinking but by feeling that we experience and satisfy this spiritual need to arrive at truth. We may think we are alive – but we must feel we are alive. Our thoughts may guide us but it is only by feeling that we find the key, whether from within our internal world of intuition or by expanding our love capacity to embrace life, we seek for Life to embrace us.
And depending upon aspiration and our capacity to surrender to It, whether from within or without, Life will claim us in equal measure and we will discover the truth we seek…. when we are able to be still and our scattered thoughts are silent.



Mar 18

The universal spiritual teaching focuses upon the need for us to break free of personal ego and selfishness so that we can experience the Universal world of life beyond our own limitations and the self awareness that stunts our growth.

Easter season is a time of ancient ritual dating back to pagan time, celebrating death and renewal in nature and in mankind.
The common symbols that have been associated with Easter in the Christian Church, other than the ritual of the Holy Eucharist and the crucifix that represents the spirit of self sacrifice of the Christ are…….

Hot Cross Buns – is a physical indulgence in spicy buns with symbol of the cross imposed in icing or sugar as a reminder to give thanks to Jesus for the gift of his life to help ours. It is the custom to serve these on Good Friday in recognition of the sacrifice on the Cross.
Egg – symbolism – the message is a reminder that we are spiritually limited by the shell of our personal ego and we must learn to sacrifice the shelter of the egg to gradually break free if we wish to see and learn and experience the living world of universal life and energy beyond.
Chickens – the happy chickens represent those who are free of material restriction and ready to grow to maturity as a complete spiritual human being. Exchanges of eggs traditionally take place on the third day of Easter Sunday to recall the Resurrection.


Mar 2

We have all been introduced to a culture of some kind. Usually the early influence of our childhood home and family remain indelibly with us to assist us as we mould and determine our individuality and create our own personal goals and ideals. The culture and values of our parents, home and family provide the potential security for thoughts and ideas that guide us in our maturity as we face responsibilities in making choices whilst withstanding the influences of the wider society around us.

This means that we all have a common bond with all other people of the world. All societies and nations will have been reared upon or have lived amongst human beings whose values are related to the fundamental life principles of goodness, loving kindness, generosity, truth and courage that constitute the simple pattern of ideologies inherent in human culture.

If we follow these positive values and aim to live constructive, creative lives and to integrate them into our thoughts, feelings and actions we are all being true to ourselves and to the universal simple qualities that distinguish human culture and establish a pattern for the future welfare of those who follow.
But we are not living now, whether in family life, social groups, or as nations where the values and ethics that dominate do not ensure a continuance and improvement of human life. We are not faithful to the cultural needs.

We see unconscious and very conscious effort to destroy the influences that allow us to be truly human, noble rather than base. The crumbling is happening at an increasing rate as distorted pleasure is being found in destruction of ethics, morals, harmony, beauty and the pattern of traditions which have made each nation’s character.There is little to indicate that globally we are moving towards an ideal world.

Can those who perceive what is happening do anything about it? Most of us ask this question but unless we are in a position of power within the governing body whether of a club, a locality, a state, nation or international organization we cannot effect any apparent change to the path that is destroying a world where peace and goodness could reign. The efforts made by many smaller groups, by committed individuals and by individuals who remain true to the classic values of culture is commendable, although to those involved it may seem that they are trying to walk up an escalator that is going downward.

We do not have to wait long before world crises erupt – either through Nature’s intervention or by human activation. We are bystanders watching the greater issues of the world at large and against this seem impotent.

But on the personal level we are at the helm and our power lies in the inner strength and courage that will not allow wrong to be twisted to become right, nor ugliness to usurp beauty, nor violence or indifference to snuff out the love that we know as the supreme power. Each of us must remain free of the magnet that seeks to bully us into believing that violence is a replacement for our faith in the simple values and qualities that will endure. We cannot betray them.

If our efforts and our fortune allows opportunity to rebuild after destruction of our culture, may we look forward to building a better world or know that through the great cycles of Time, the good seed of human experience will grow to blossom again somewhere, somehow.

The great Vedic teachings of India give us the vision that in this present civilization we are just beginning to have the Hand of the universal Clock begin to move upward from a condition where evil is more apparent that good and in time the gradual increasing good will have its full expression.