Apr 27


Gentle the heart and inner life
Where once were feelings riotous
And life light dims when once was bright
As dawn pursues its path to night….

(So quiet the life when age does reign)

Lofty ideals are proof of youth
Followed by waves of constant change
In adult years the waves grow calm
Gentler feelings provide fine balm ….

(For human tragedy and pain)

Yet in the grey and subtler times
As brightness dims and so our eyes
Still inner yearning bursts anew
Aspiring flame of spirit true….

(Anticipating joys ahead)

How fear we all, yet can’t recall
Or see life states beyond earth’s veil
The veil ,which thins, as on we go
Towards a strange, mysterious fate….

(Yet known to those who’ve gone before)

All who’ve lived, loved and gone this way
All those who’ve lived, known night and day
And gloom and joy and pleasures sweet
And ups and downs all souls repeat….

(As human life returns, renews)

Find love remains — our soul endures!

Copyright 1998 Elizabeth S. Adams


Apr 8

In our material world, in violent conflict in so many parts of the globe, we are faced with the sense of problems, difficulties both domestic and international, amidst the seemingly insatiable urge for money and material goods and wealth. We have forgotten the wisdom that tells us that “True wealth is best measured by what one can with dignity do without.” Anon

And so our souls begin to die, smothered by the material web we have woven to enmesh ourselves, just as the electronic web is beginning to overwhelm us in technological fascination. We as a society have forgotten the value of simplicity and the feeling of security in Nature. We have undertaken to try to master and control nature instead of being law abiding according to its eternal natural laws. We have become arrogant.

What are the positive nourishments we truly need to satisfy the soul? There is nothing new in identifying that the deepest needs of a human being are the qualities of kindness, love, music and the quality most forsaken, that of beauty – beauty in the sense of harmony without distortion and with an indefinable influence that enriches us and generates peace rather than disturbance.

We have as a people been traitor to beauty and are now devoid of the peace that it generates and that has the power to overcome wars and conflicts. We have neglected to educate our children of the value of classical arts, melodic music and reverence for Nature – seen by poets as ‘the garment of God”. We have succumbed to a proliferation of ugliness in art, noise instead of melody and fail to refer to Nature as to what is right and wrong. So our culture is ailing – so our culture is failing – so unless we re-instate those values upon which life of the soul depend, we can only increase the extinguishing of souls and possibly the extinguishing of continued life on our planet. It is not a happy prospect.

Through the gift of free will we still may have a choice to turn the tide.



Apr 5

The power of music is never fully appreciated, that is melodic, harmonious music that has been created over the centuries and has left us the monumental range of all the classical range involving our favourite instruments and themes. Whether by concert, radio or electronic means we have an almost overwhelming list of choices that can make us sing, dance or just listen.

However, the commercial world has been overburdened with productions of modern sounds and styles that do not please the ear and mind in the same way, and in fact create problems when volume of one person’s choice invades another’s space and air waves. There are ways to minimize what one considers negative sounds but no one so far has been able to come up with – a need to silence the persistent drumbeat that can even vibrate through the pillow when trying to sleep.

So we have to make full use of what is available in technology and expert musical exponents and use sound to pervade our own magical world with the music we really love and that lifts our spirits, or relaxes us according to our need. We are so fortunate in life today, beyond any extent that could have been imagined a century ago, to possess the affordable basic equipment we need to play the current method of recording. All we need is to organize our time to fully enjoy it.

Music that could be called background music is very different usually from what we would deliberately choose to listen to in full attentiveness. This is really the music that can be magical in its effect when we give our whole attention without distraction. Then we can surrender to the sound and let it influence us and our mood if we choose. When one can totally let go and in a relaxed state of mind and body listen to beautiful music, it becomes a special experience.

One should not have a preconception that there is a right and wrong was to listen and that we should have knowledge or skill in music in order to appreciate it.
Music is an experience of feeling – and therefore is associated with the emotions rather than the mind.

Pleasant familiar melodies remind us of past happy times but we can also sing to express our happy moods or sing in order to create a happy feeling. We also have the lullaby to help put a young one to sleep and so discover the power of using our own voice.

Music records ideas, memories, moods, that can calm, excite us or make us obey, as we march to a drum and when we explore the full range of those artists who have developed the most wondrous skills either in voice and in use of a musical instrument, we should soon find the magic we seek to add another dimension to our pleasure in life.


Apr 1

The human record of acts of inhumanity to mankind is long and has been created over centuries, manifesting in events of war, torture, violent deeds and by inflicting slavery in one form or another. There is little of these accounts to make us proud. And now we have to add the chaos of terrorism to acts of warfare.

Acts of warfare still engage millions over our world and millions more are affected as a result of that warfare. Torture still continues and we have yet to find universal consensus regarding its abolishment. Violent deeds are announced in all societies, receiving extravagant publicity in the western world press. The examples given are so as to cause disgust and abhorrence in the majority of the people but tend also to generate an unnatural fear of their fellow citizens, their habits and possible perversions.

Violent crime escalates as our public consumption of drugs, alcohol and chaotic, violent music without melody. Responsible governments could work and do try to reduce these issues and cruel actions and destructive influences. Responsible governments are needed simultaneously to encourage all the good.

All human beings should enjoy life in freedom. But negative influences are widespread and intense. Much of the increase in susceptibility to enslavement is by economic manipulation, threat to loved ones, mental brainwashing, persuasion by television advertising, and by cultivating the weaknesses in others by drugs, alcohol and other addictions.

Contrary to the general perception that slavery has decreased or is non-existent in modern society the fact is that all forms of slavery, that is of one or some human beings heartlessly using others for their own ends are on the increase, not only enslaving bodies in labour or prostitution, but enslaving them by threats, emotional and mental blackmail and by limiting their right to freedom. And the final extent of slavery in subordination and control of the minds of others is apparent on a horizon of influences being explored by science that has lost its way to enter territory that seriously will endanger true freedom.

Can human beings prove they are capable of making changes and transforming what man has inflicted upon mankind into positive thoughts and efforts toward a world that we could, as Earth people, be proud of and where kindness, care, brotherhood and joyful creativity rule to make our lives express the best of human nature so that our values are demonstrated in every sense as humane?






Apr 1

“O hidden life, vibrant in every atom

O hidden light, shining in every creature

O hidden love, embracing all in oneness,

May each who feels himself as one with Thee

Know he is therefore one with every other.”

Annie Besant