Jul 21

The laws of evolution and growth encourage us all to expand and grow in consciousness towards eventual comprehension both of the internal realms of our own psyche and mental environment as well as the vast cosmic spheres of life outside our limited individuality.
Consciousness is the Experiencing and we are the Experiencer, functioning with a mixture and often a blend of sensation, emotion, thought and soul that constitute the ‘I’.
It is within the enduring and eternal aspect of the ‘I’, that we call the soul that resides the intelligence that blends all of our life experiences to arrive at a degree of wisdom. Here reside the true guideposts to help us learn and grow towards our finest capacity and expression as human beings.

Jul 21


We need an Awakening, an increased awareness of the life and potential of human existence, both physically and spiritually. At this present time we have ‘lost the plot’ and must regain harmony and balance in our way of life, individually and socially. Chaos rules when we have no law and moral values to contain the physical and mental disease that increasingly becomes a symptom of chaos.
We must find a way to return to natural law or the spiritual law that directs evolution and in application to human life, will return us to nobility and true progress.
The destruction of our present civilization is prophesized and is motivating many to re-evaluate our present ways and circumstances and to seek and overall remedy. All have arrived at the need to curb the destructive influences, not only of political terrorism but of impurities of heart and mind reflected in our music and arts that were once the tonic for human psyche.
Can each of find a degree of courage required to stand up and employ our true intelligence and be prepared to curb the darkness and negative state around us? This we could do by expressing the need for health not only in body but in the creations that come from the minds of those in positions to remain loyal to the enduring values of culture but who choose to promote the dark side with its inherent ugliness and violence. Our ‘entertainments’ have become perverse.
To ensure that we have the option to continue life on this planet we must all make effort to avoid giving life to the evils and put our enthusiasm into positive channels.
If we cannot succeed now it may be that the dire predictions that travel swiftly along the invisible links of the Web of communication may be realized.


Jul 13

A warning by a senior research scientist from MIT warns that a huge 50% of children born in the U.S. will suffer with autism by the year 2025. Present statistics show one in every 68 children in the U.S is born with autism.
One wonders what possible factor can cause such an increase of this disease and the culprit is generally cited as the company Monsanto that sells and distributes the popularly used Round-Up herbicide containing glyphosate a toxic weedkiller.
Glyphosate in the food supply is a factor in disease of Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, nutrional deficiencies and autism in children.
Mothers should read the work of Stephanie Seneff, PhD a research biologist with many published articles pointing to this problem as well as GMO’s as a major contributor to neurological disease in children, once rare but now prevalent in the community.