Nov 20

We grow from the study of particulars to comprehend the whole. This applies to the understanding and expression of our emotions, with the comprehensive, mysterious and all important emotion of love.
So as we know the nature of our personal focus of love and its familiar expression, we expand to consider and embrace all manner of its other qualities. In this we are aided in understanding and respecting traditional astrological properties related to the heavenly spheres and zodiacal energies and to the different types of personality and character of other people we meet along life’s way.
In the course of our lives we should welcome opportunity to learn of their approach and perhaps share some insight into their attitude and understanding of love.
We observe the Aries type of love – in its courage and valiant expression in action
Taurean love that is stable and possessive and strong to claim its own
The restless love of Gemini associated with need to communicate through speech and writing
Cancer’s love is kindness that creates and secures a home base to nurture others
Leo’s love that is a magnanimous power and radiation of an inherent sense of rulership
Virgo with talents tuned towards and demanding excellence in self and in others
Libra’s love equates with harmony and balance in emotional expression in partnership
Scorpio loves with an intensity few can match in depth of feeling and its search for truth
Sagittarius seeks to demonstrate spontaneity of love associated with a freedom of body and mind
Capricorn with its capacity to work hard and persevere fulfils a natural desire to help others
Aquarius breaks free of any formula for love, seeking beyond personality to a wider sense of oneness
And we have Pisces love that is humble enough to demonstrate true self sacrifice and to love without bounds
We know that the quality of Love itself cannot be analysed. Yet we know that as there are different types of love so there are differing degrees of human capacity to experience and to radiate this wonderful quality that at its finest can be described as the Great Love that has given life to our whole world and beyond.