Dec 8

When beginning to question ourselves we seek to be aware of the extent of our knowledge and feel confident to dip into that pool of knowledge we already possess.
When it comes to deeper issues rather than mere practical ones, we are less sure of ourselves. Most of us have not taken time to make a study of human nature and psychology that reveals that we have different layers and degrees of conscious awareness other than the two we are in the habit of describing as states of being “asleep” or “awake” and it is understandably the latter that is our main concern here as the realms of unconsciousness demand much deeper study.
So when we are in what we consider is our normal state of consciousness or wakefulness we are selective and free to choose to focus upon whatever we wish whether it is a mundane task or a serious intellectual study. So there is potential for great differences between us as individuals in our natural inclinations when combined with the power of free will and choice.
Whatever we choose as our focus to study; whatever we choose to consciously think about; we are increasing our self confidence as our knowledge and interest grows and most importantly our direct experiences in applying what we know. This is the hardest of all but is assisted by our ability to prioritise and to concentrate with perhaps the added vital ingredient for success – to add enjoyment to whatever we are doing.
Our first discipline then is to become aware of our thought processes, to understand them and to then learn to channel them as we harness them to our ultimate life aim or aims.
Consciousness expands beyond just being aware, to a deliberate exploration and development of our human mind and its talents and capacities. Our journeying from a degree of enquiry to certainties and from certainties to further paths.  These in turn promise us a degree of wisdom – that allows us to live at peace within our own being.
It is experience that is our teacher as it is our intuition that points the way.
That somewhat misunderstood and mysterious faculty we call our ‘conscience’ is that part of our intelligence that saves us from dangerous or impulsive choices and we must consider as our ever present friend that reminds us to be aware.
Expansion of our awareness develops ever widening sensitivity towards nature and other people so that our personal consciousness or intelligence comes to embrace a wider and wider sphere…and to fulfil the limitless potential of human consciousness to embrace Life itself.


Dec 5

In celebrating at Christmas the birth of Jesus, we are reminded to search out His direct teachings and contemplate their importance and the truths they reveal. It is ours to open our minds to the profound messages that we comprehend and aspire to develop our own nature towards a greatness beyond our present human growth.


“A new religion will be given out yet it will be but a facet of the old. There is but one Religion, as there is but One God. Truth Itself is infinitely greater than can ever be mirrored in all the teachings, the philosophies, the religions of the world. Each of them catches and reflects as it were, one beam of he Light. Whether the reflection is a true one or not, depends upon the purity of the mirror.”

Master Jesus


“And know that I am with you always; yea, to the end of time.”

Master Jesus..


Dec 1

Life is precious.
Life lived in refinement is progress.
Man’s cultural life must be inspired by Beauty, his intellectual life by Truth, his spiritual life by Selflessness
Man’s technological progress is legitimate only when used in the service of a goal for a simpler, healthier, happier natural life for all to live in freedom within the Law.
We have inherited the freedom to work for and achieve human ideals.
We must honour those who have made this good fortune possible and choose well our actions.
We must remain true to the classic values that we know are right – from cleanliness, purity and goodness to the greatest and noblest qualities a human being can express and that we recognize as capabilities that may be emulated within ourselves.
It will encourage our confidence in seeking the survival of spiritual values in human culture and withstand negative trends and influences if we remember that the light of a single candle flame can reduce darkness and can in fact be the source of a proliferation of a thousand candle flames more to bring Light to the world.

Happy Christmas!