May 1

We all know the importance of the state of our directing consciousness of mind.

We know that our own mind plays a vital role in determining a happy and successful life.

However interested we may become in studying the mind and its processes we must remember that our emotions have and equal, and sometimes superior power to help us or hinder our life aims.

We are handicapped if we do not understand the essential co-operation that must be arrived at between our thinking self and our feeling self to the extent that we must include in  our self awareness adventure the understanding and culture of our emotional being.

There are old guidelines of value such as –  “When there is an internal battle between the head and the heart, choose the heart!”  Another that says “The mind can often lead you astray, the heart never.”

We must make our own choices in assessing whether our live is valued as a thought or a feeling state, but it is unlikely that happiness, peace or love will be seen as predominantly thought.

It is only our own wisdom or intuition that each must use to determine when and how to blend and apply these two aspects of our nature.