Sep 23

In the light of the collected and increasing volume of material offered by scientists to caution us about the risks in using mobile phones there exists a conflict of interest in the public mind as conosumers prefer to turn a deaf ear to any dangers alongside the pleasure of the new-found toy that increases in popularity with its complex functions on offer.

In spite of the persuasive fashion that we must all possess such an item of electronic skills because it will offer us multiple mental tasking and fascinate us with its potential acrobatics, there are many who are becoming aware of the warnings of neurologists and those experienced in dealing with the repercussions upon health. It is supported by much evidence that the frequent use of the mobile phone tends to develop liklihood of brain tumours. To live and work near the towers and transmitters of some of the radio waves involved increases the hazard when the wave length corresponds to that of the human brain itself.

Be alert to the scientific facts as they are published and consider carefully before using such a potential adverse agent.