Oct 28

The future of mankind promises great advances towards individual and mass progress in understanding of the world and the purposes for which we exist.

There are however, difficulties that are immediate and require attention and rectification if we are to benefit in the spiritual sense and ensure our spiritual advances as those of material prosperity.

We are neglecting the true culture of human values in our educational systems and now there is much cleverness but little wisdom observed in the motivation of governments.

The people have great appetite for information but little attention to practical application. There are few guiding lines in a permissive society and all moral and ethical establishments have proven frail in the storm of rebellious negative forces that attempt to destroy all faiths and values.

We need to hold firm to our inherent knowledge of right and wrong and be prepared to think for ourselves, free and uninfluenced by violence, violence that could threaten further chaos.

Only if we are to be part of a planet that is not only beautiful in natural wealth but one populated by humans who are kind and can herald a peaceful era for the future can we bring about a time that could culminate in the establishment of an era of true progress for which previous generations of individuals have devoted their lives.