Nov 22

The idea that paedophiles have “rights” to satisfy their perverted “sexual preference” is a shocking one to all civilized people. Our immediate reaction is of course the obvious omission of any thought of victim children, all of whom possess real rights to be protected from wrongdoing and any immoral behaviour of adults in society.

Yet in U.S news outlets it is claimed that a trend is growing that follows the same path used to persuade the community that homosexuality is to be tolerated and children mistreated as ‘sexual preferences’.

The American Psychiatric Association was known to claim back in 1998 that the negative results of child abuse through paedophiles was exaggerated as were those of other sexual habits.  Such a thought is erroneous and the degree of damage to a child can be verified by anyone who has been victimized in these ways.

It is now generally confirmed by those involved in study of basic psychology and those in the mental health social system that the damage to a child who is sexually abused or raped creates a serious trauma in the psyche that is often lifelong and should be considered as a crime that must be classified in legal and moral terms as great as that of murder. Yet by 2014 the subject is being dangerously promoted as a ‘civil right’ of paedophiles.

That any official body should attempt to persuade us to deny our responsibility to protect children alerts us to the changes in thinking that are occurring that will lead to society’s impending destruction.  The danger is real and equal to any aggressive terrorism of which we are familiar in the outside world.

If we do not oppose this mental terrorism taking root, it will herald complete dissolution of our capacity to think clearly and we will become impotent pawns unable to advance the health and mental sanity of the people with unknown thousands of innocent children the victims.

The urgent responsibility of each of us, is to protect our children and stand together in opposing the licence that is prevalent at all levels of our present world..