Feb 14

Image processing in humans is proven to be much faster than previously thought.

Beyond what was previously accepted by scientists that the brain takes 100 milliseconds to process something we observe through a visual image,  the brain is now proven capable of processing a visual image seen for just 13 milliseconds.

This is remarkable feat when one considers the thousands/millions of images that flow into the brain through the eyes every day.

It therefore points to the desirability to not overwork the faculty through too great a volume of visual input;  to avoid excessively disturbing speedy images and lighting; to rest the eyes every now and then in order to relieve the visual sense.

Brief reflection leads us to more fully appreciate and desire to utilize both the natural and precious sense of sight and the wonderful mental faculty that can interpret all that we ‘see’ with our eyes. This capacity may continue to be employed for positive value and benefits.

However, young people and those who are excessively involved with computer work and electronic visuals are particularly at risk and should be encouraged to limit their time spent in this way and electronic toys carefully selected to avoid harm to infants whose brains are still in development.

Nov 22

The idea that paedophiles have “rights” to satisfy their perverted “sexual preference” is a shocking one to all civilized people. Our immediate reaction is of course the obvious omission of any thought of victim children, all of whom possess real rights to be protected from wrongdoing and any immoral behaviour of adults in society.

Yet in U.S news outlets it is claimed that a trend is growing that follows the same path used to persuade the community that homosexuality is to be tolerated and children mistreated as ‘sexual preferences’.

The American Psychiatric Association was known to claim back in 1998 that the negative results of child abuse through paedophiles was exaggerated as were those of other sexual habits.  Such a thought is erroneous and the degree of damage to a child can be verified by anyone who has been victimized in these ways.

It is now generally confirmed by those involved in study of basic psychology and those in the mental health social system that the damage to a child who is sexually abused or raped creates a serious trauma in the psyche that is often lifelong and should be considered as a crime that must be classified in legal and moral terms as great as that of murder. Yet by 2014 the subject is being dangerously promoted as a ‘civil right’ of paedophiles.

That any official body should attempt to persuade us to deny our responsibility to protect children alerts us to the changes in thinking that are occurring that will lead to society’s impending destruction.  The danger is real and equal to any aggressive terrorism of which we are familiar in the outside world.

If we do not oppose this mental terrorism taking root, it will herald complete dissolution of our capacity to think clearly and we will become impotent pawns unable to advance the health and mental sanity of the people with unknown thousands of innocent children the victims.

The urgent responsibility of each of us, is to protect our children and stand together in opposing the licence that is prevalent at all levels of our present world..



Feb 2

We must waken up to the mind trends that are damaging… thoughts not dictated by reason integrity but followed by fear of standing alone in the light of our own intelligence and faith in the qualities that have resulted in constructive human endeavour.

Mental bullying is powerful only when we are fearful. Unless we stand freely to express our truest thoughts and attitudes regardless of ‘thought police’ and those who wish to control our minds and take away our freedom – only enslavement can be the result.

In present times many nations and cultures have become uncertain and their strength and health in their communities is being tested and often found wanting, particularly as there are signs of threatened violence by stealth of a largely invisible enemy that fans the fears of all people.

Times are dramatic and chaos exists in the material world. Our children need protection of their minds as well as their bodies.

We must provide a strong voice for the nurturing of our children in values that strengthen goodness
if indeed we wish them a chance for a good future which they can not only enjoy but to which they can contribute by building a future and better world.

Their survival in the present world violence is less assured than we would wish.

If our leaders persist in following trends of thinking that neglect their prime responsibility for the protection and welfare of our nation we cannot be guaranteed that the disintegration of our community morals and integrity of our minds will not allow our destruction as a civilization. All the hard won advances of mankind suffer betrayal in the hands of evil and violence.

The survival of our children in the present world violence and amidst the insanity that dictates it, is endangered. It will be up to our younger generations to counter the evils. Help them keep clear thought and prayer for their strength to help bring the world to sanity and to peace.

More and more we have had to lose confidence in our leaders. They have not been capable of guiding us to the goodness and peace we all desire. More and more we must rely upon our own thought and common sense and with confidence, persist in seeking to find the way to a good and true society, much of which will depend upon our children now coming to maturity.

Do not let them be subjected to violence in any form of persuasion that is not aligned to the highest ideals and seek to nurture and realize their peaceful objectives in life.


Jul 13

A warning by a senior research scientist from MIT warns that a huge 50% of children born in the U.S. will suffer with autism by the year 2025. Present statistics show one in every 68 children in the U.S is born with autism.
One wonders what possible factor can cause such an increase of this disease and the culprit is generally cited as the company Monsanto that sells and distributes the popularly used Round-Up herbicide containing glyphosate a toxic weedkiller.
Glyphosate in the food supply is a factor in disease of Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, nutrional deficiencies and autism in children.
Mothers should read the work of Stephanie Seneff, PhD a research biologist with many published articles pointing to this problem as well as GMO’s as a major contributor to neurological disease in children, once rare but now prevalent in the community.

Apr 8

In our material world, in violent conflict in so many parts of the globe, we are faced with the sense of problems, difficulties both domestic and international, amidst the seemingly insatiable urge for money and material goods and wealth. We have forgotten the wisdom that tells us that “True wealth is best measured by what one can with dignity do without.” Anon

And so our souls begin to die, smothered by the material web we have woven to enmesh ourselves, just as the electronic web is beginning to overwhelm us in technological fascination. We as a society have forgotten the value of simplicity and the feeling of security in Nature. We have undertaken to try to master and control nature instead of being law abiding according to its eternal natural laws. We have become arrogant.

What are the positive nourishments we truly need to satisfy the soul? There is nothing new in identifying that the deepest needs of a human being are the qualities of kindness, love, music and the quality most forsaken, that of beauty – beauty in the sense of harmony without distortion and with an indefinable influence that enriches us and generates peace rather than disturbance.

We have as a people been traitor to beauty and are now devoid of the peace that it generates and that has the power to overcome wars and conflicts. We have neglected to educate our children of the value of classical arts, melodic music and reverence for Nature – seen by poets as ‘the garment of God”. We have succumbed to a proliferation of ugliness in art, noise instead of melody and fail to refer to Nature as to what is right and wrong. So our culture is ailing – so our culture is failing – so unless we re-instate those values upon which life of the soul depend, we can only increase the extinguishing of souls and possibly the extinguishing of continued life on our planet. It is not a happy prospect.

Through the gift of free will we still may have a choice to turn the tide.



Mar 18

The universal spiritual teaching focuses upon the need for us to break free of personal ego and selfishness so that we can experience the Universal world of life beyond our own limitations and the self awareness that stunts our growth.

Easter season is a time of ancient ritual dating back to pagan time, celebrating death and renewal in nature and in mankind.
The common symbols that have been associated with Easter in the Christian Church, other than the ritual of the Holy Eucharist and the crucifix that represents the spirit of self sacrifice of the Christ are…….

Hot Cross Buns – is a physical indulgence in spicy buns with symbol of the cross imposed in icing or sugar as a reminder to give thanks to Jesus for the gift of his life to help ours. It is the custom to serve these on Good Friday in recognition of the sacrifice on the Cross.
Egg – symbolism – the message is a reminder that we are spiritually limited by the shell of our personal ego and we must learn to sacrifice the shelter of the egg to gradually break free if we wish to see and learn and experience the living world of universal life and energy beyond.
Chickens – the happy chickens represent those who are free of material restriction and ready to grow to maturity as a complete spiritual human being. Exchanges of eggs traditionally take place on the third day of Easter Sunday to recall the Resurrection.


Jun 20

The healthy state of a child’s mind begins at home. Early years are very important both for the development of emotional life as well as thought patterns and intellect. All development is easier if there is a foundation of robust physical health.

When infants display signs of irregular or erratic behavior, stress reactions and nervous problems that are indicative of some imbalance in the psyche it can cause parents great concern as to the means of correction. Sometimes the causes are not known or whether the problems are the result of physiological chemistry or deeper neurological or psychological factors.

In seeking a remedy, the obvious first attention is to nutrition. Although parents try their best to provide good food and sufficient for their children’s health, basic poor nutrition is frequently unrecognized but must be addressed.  For decades the familiar cry of nutritionists that American and Australian children are ‘overfed and undernourished’ has failed to be generally understood as being based upon the necessity for quality. It refers to the need for natural, fresh, wholesome and unprocessed or vitamin -rich food that provides nutrients for the brain as well as body.

The psychological needs of children although simple and well known in theory, are sensitive issues in practice when family life is generally complex. Comparatively little quality time is given by busy parents to nurturing the subtler aspects of each individual soul in the family group, through private discussion, generous affection and personal encouragement to each. How to accomplish this is the task of each family aided by the hard won experiences of previous parents, grandparents and by reference to the enduring values common to every generation.

However, without discipline in the home it is not possible to fulfill any parental plan and modern life presents many opportunities to exercise extensions of it in dealing with such new factors as mobile phones, television, electronic games and all other technological toys and ‘advances’ that we are persuaded will make our life happier. There are some people who offer hints to remind us of some success in households that have instituted quiet meal times and disciplined conversation to provide one answer as does the bedtime story tradition, now often rejected because of television.

It may be easier to consider the nature of our home care opportunities to fulfill the child’s needs than be able to find the time and the wisdom in applying the theory. It is our ability to achieve time management that will influence the results and give evidence in happy, well adjusted children. Reminders are simple –

Children need to give and receive affection

Instill the values parents believe are a priority – kindness, truth, helping others etc.

Encourage the exercise of child’s natural skills and talents

Provide opportunities for them to develop constructive and creative hobbies

Nurture their self understanding and self confidence

Give them a concept of potential careers and work requiring present and future skills

Help them to formulate simple mental affirmations to strengthen or assist their needs and desires Read to them thoughts to help them later formulate their own philosophy

Provide a sense of security in the home that protects them and encourages a sense of self worth both as an individual and within the bounds of family life.