Nov 12

A well cared for brain that is properly nourished is not likely us to suffer a state of depression.

Check what this involves.

The brain requires constant supply of fresh air and oxygen for proper function.

It needs a clear bloodstream that provides the vital minerals and vitamins for its healthy structure and function.

It requires adequate circulation of the blood.

It depends upon the natural stimulus provided by all the senses but particularly by the olfactory sense that alerts it to any danger and also offers subtle nourishment through inhalation of pleasant scents and perfumes.

The brain is the physical instrument of the mind. It stores information and functions in a myriad of ways to allow intellectual creativity, channelling emotional energy, and directing our actions.  It is also overseer of the physical body with all its physiological functions and sensory organs, the mobility of the limbs, in fact for everything involved in the preservation of the life of the individual.

Proper nutrition, physical exercise, rest and good quality sleep are essential as is adequate oxygen intake through good respiration. Our brain functions best in quietude and thrives upon intellectual study and exchange of ideas through social interaction. All are important aids to help brain function.

Our earthly existence is utterly dependent upon a well functioning brain which must also be protected from any damage.

In addition to the liabilities incurred through general diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and others, the damaging factors are numerous – alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, ingestion or inhalation of chemical irritants, lack of oxygen, lack of sleep, loud noises, poor nutrition, physical dehydration, shock, smoking, poor body posture, psychological stress, stimulants tea and coffee, radiation and experiencing direct or indirect violence. There are many influences that affect us negatively.

But most of all we should focus upon nourishing our brain as Nature demands.

Mar 14

We are experiencing or observing many changes in the global village of the present time.

Many of these are positive and would seem to be introducing measures to advance our society and our prosperity.  Have the changes brought us benefit and promise to continue along a path we wish to go? Or have we lost our way?

Those who cherish values of order, ethics and morals according to natural law are not pleased but rather aghast at the extent our culture is disintegrating. People are encouraged to give way to unhealthy thoughts and behaviour instead of the personal disciplines that lead to nobler paths, purposes and peaceful lives.

Those who make sincere effort to achieve some quality in their own self culture receive little support from social climate or are offered deliberate encouragement from others who are aware of their strivings toward excellence.  We are apt to find ourselves in the classroom of the world without a teacher to guide, without sympathetic companions and can only retreat to do our ‘homework’ alone, whether it is in matters of physical health or mental fitness.

The wonderful realisation that brings us courage is that there is nothing and nobody to stop us progressing as our own minds and ideas tell us is ‘right’.  We do not have to challenge others if we are generally minding our own business and working toward the lifestyle and the ideal of the quality human being we seek to become. We are free to discover our inner pursuits no matter what material circumstance present themselves.

In regard to outer difficulties, we all have to overcome any fear we may feel about the future as well as current events. The practise of inner self confidence is our tool. To focus upon our own inner centre gradually brings us from the initial deliberate effort towards the time when we feel free. Then we are able to dissolve any fear or stress and experience a spontaneous and genuine identification with our inner spiritual nature that possesses the powerful qualities of love and light that disperse darkness.

Meditate to experience this.

Apr 1

Imagination is the fundamental tool for the individual when forming a self-image.

Unless one creates a self image the personality is apt to become pressured and influenced by what others think, and this may not be as you would wish.

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Dec 9

When the mind is peaceful there is no room for negative thoughts.


Depression melts away when our mental waves and restless thought is stilled.


We learn to take pleasure in making no conscious effort.


We find that we enjoy periods of just Being.


And find that it is Good.

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Dec 6

Happy thoughts make happy people…..

Happy people think nice thoughts

Loving thoughts make happy feelings

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Nov 4

There is sufficient knowledge available to convince us that to take chemical drugs and medications to relieve our uncomfortable internal psychological states is not the best idea. Many serious side effects are documented and experienced by many thousands of people taking prescriptions drugs and even over the counter medications hoping to become free but in fact finding their symptoms increase.

Alternatives are available if we consider that there are many other avenues open to us that are safe and natural. However we must be involved in the therapy to the extent that the ultimate responsibility lies in our own self discipline and choices.  We must be willing to confront the causes of our depressed state of mind and emotions. We must do this before we can expect to become truly free.

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Oct 20

Do we get enough sleep? To add to the disturbing numbers of people suffering from mental disease as well as physical ill health are those who are unable to function to their full potential because of sleep deprivation. This has recently received focus in the media and claimed as one of the main causes of disease, both physical and mental.  Without proper sleep our psyche gets out of alignment. We feel tired, out of sorts, cranky, irritable and many other seemingly trivial indications that we are not really well within ourselves.

Where it has been considered that eight hours sleep is the requirement for an adult to undergo physical and mental refreshment, it is common to find that many are in the habit of perhaps sleeping only six hours. Individuals do seem to vary in their need for sleep, but the ‘average’ number eight is the result of considerable research.  It does not allow for those who sit up playing computer games or TV viewing beyond ten o’clock.

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Oct 20

The relaxation experience is beautiful. It is good for us, but also a great pleasure – a rather infrequent coupling!

When we relax we have a chance to offload our tensions, stress, anxieties and our tight and uncomfortable reactions to life, to people, happenings or events.

We have the chance to melt away any physical tension to allow nature to send its energies to heal and vitalize every cell of our body as we breathe rhythmically.

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Aug 25

A great deal of public attention in developed countries goes to considering how to cope with elimination of wastes from our wasteful habits and materialistic way of life. It is inorganic toxic waste that threatens our health and causes most concern in the physical environment.

However, we have yet to admit the dangers and destructive effects of mental pollutants that continue to degrade the quality of our mental fitness and undermine the progress of our modern culture towards the ideal of total human health and well being.

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Jul 6


Relaxation-  Practice lying flat on floor if possible either in quietude or gentle classical music. This requires no thinking but feeling awareness only  – Let nature’s vitality flow through and refresh your psyche

Enjoy a professional relaxation massage – to feel energies renewed

Physical exercise followed by a warm shower or bath with lavender or neroli bath oil

Take a series of slow deeper breaths before you decide to become active again – then deliberately inhale the perfume of one of the natural essential oils that appeals to you

Spend 5 minutes in upright position repeating your personal affirmation that inspires and makes you feel happy and strong

Drink pure water – rainwater if possible or drink a pure fresh fruit juice -sipping a little at a time and consciously drawing vitality

Appreciate being alive – Look around you and focus upon the beautiful forms, plants, sky, trees – to realise afresh how wonderful to be alive to learn and to enjoy nature and participate in the Life Adventure

Finally, promise yourself to remain as long as possible in this pleasant mind set or mood. Let nothing disturb you. Let no one have the power to disturb you. Remain calm in whatever circumstances

Attend classes or participate in sports that are directly helpful in lifting your mood –confiding in your therapist, attending  laughing groups, comedy shows, or, listening to favourite melodic music

Be creative – painting, playing a musical instrument, sewing, crafts, singing or skills in a sport

Seek for a skilled psychologist who will help you without recommendation for prescription drugs, many of which cannot claim to cure and many can prove harmful

Find a healthy natural alternative to The Pill that is one proven cause of depression

Any or all of these are positive self determined ways to overcome depression and you will benefit continuing efforts especially when you find what really works for you personally.

Prayer is the universal ‘advice’ or technique to help lift your mood



Drink alcohol – it will not help your depression in the long run

Don’t take antidepressant medications –  many will be detrimental to your mental well being

Don’t remain solitary except to practise your private relaxation but enjoy walks and the company of a friend.

Don’t get in the habit of repeating to yourself or to others “I’m depressed ..” or “I’m feeling bad” – this has a negative effect upon the subconscious mind that relies upon positive thought feed-in.

Don’t continue any old habit – substitute a better one!

Don’t seek solace from food – when depressed is the worst time to digest food and your body will suffer

Don’t try to focus your mind in reading dutiful learning or study but rather choose to study a subject or hobby of genuine personal interest

Don’t bombard your brain with heavy rock noises or music that is loud and without melody at this is the cause of much depression.

Don’t burden your love ones or take out your moods upon others if you can confide in a psychologist or counsellor who is trained to be impartial and just listen.


You are a special and unique person, created to experience and enjoy life as well as to offer your personal gifts and talents to others. Why waste life time?


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