Sep 23

In the light of the collected and increasing volume of material offered by scientists to caution us about the risks in using mobile phones there exists a conflict of interest in the public mind as conosumers prefer to turn a deaf ear to any dangers alongside the pleasure of the new-found toy that increases in popularity with its complex functions on offer.

In spite of the persuasive fashion that we must all possess such an item of electronic skills because it will offer us multiple mental tasking and fascinate us with its potential acrobatics, there are many who are becoming aware of the warnings of neurologists and those experienced in dealing with the repercussions upon health. It is supported by much evidence that the frequent use of the mobile phone tends to develop liklihood of brain tumours. To live and work near the towers and transmitters of some of the radio waves involved increases the hazard when the wave length corresponds to that of the human brain itself.

Be alert to the scientific facts as they are published and consider carefully before using such a potential adverse agent.


Jul 13

A warning by a senior research scientist from MIT warns that a huge 50% of children born in the U.S. will suffer with autism by the year 2025. Present statistics show one in every 68 children in the U.S is born with autism.
One wonders what possible factor can cause such an increase of this disease and the culprit is generally cited as the company Monsanto that sells and distributes the popularly used Round-Up herbicide containing glyphosate a toxic weedkiller.
Glyphosate in the food supply is a factor in disease of Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, nutrional deficiencies and autism in children.
Mothers should read the work of Stephanie Seneff, PhD a research biologist with many published articles pointing to this problem as well as GMO’s as a major contributor to neurological disease in children, once rare but now prevalent in the community.

Jun 6

 Rhythmically, peacefully, into my body

The streams of refreshment, of healing, of comfort

Shall flow through the darkness

Renewing my life force, my powers of resistance

Rebuilding my health of my mind and my body.

to repeat mentally over and over….


Jun 28

There is a great need to try to save our young people from mental suffering.

It is regrettable that the basic understanding of psychology is not incorporated into the general education of young people. This is to their detriment. Without presenting them with knowledge of psychology and some measure of insight into their own make-up, we fail to equip students with the tools they require for their life experience. It is only knowledge that can serve in preventing mental disease. Preventive Medicine and preventative methods must constitute the focus of both physical and mental health in the future.

Aug 27

Of course we all need to know what is necessary for our own education about the disease called Cancer. Most of us have loved ones who have or are at present suffering from the symptoms or even the chemical treatment methods currently in vogue. There are few families that escape this modern health hazard in our polluted environment where no natural element is untainted.

However, although in particular it is a disease of the so called ‘developed countries’ where chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industries abound as does greed and material affluence, it is not entirely without other factors in its complex causes.

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Feb 20

We all possess personality imbalances of some kind. Although sometimes these traits may be a trouble to us or give some minor concern to others, in spite of this, we learn to live with ourselves and hopefully others live happily around us.

If we are wise, we seek information about psychology that will help us to moderate or adapt our habits, thoughts, emotions or behavior or look for professional guidance from a psychologist.  We can help ourselves or seek further guidance and assistance from the many avenues that are open to us in following natural methods of total health care.

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Feb 11

Once old age was merely called ‘senility’ and it was anticipated that acuteness of faculties would diminish gradually in those who lived beyond the age of seventy. Now generally referred to as Alzheimer’s disease, the following states are generally considered as important in early diagnosis, particularly if associated with dementia.

Considered as one of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s, especially in the early stages, is forgetfulness which hardly needs description as most of us suffer mild memory lapses. However should minor signs such as forgetting names, dates or events, or mislaying articles begin to include major incidents, with potentially dangerous ramifications, these memory lapses become a more serious problem to the individual and to those around them.

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Dec 10

Although statistics are somewhat overwhelming regarding the numbers of people who contract and often die of cancer, our fears can be somewhat modified when we learn of other factors in other areas of the numbers game. This helps us to gain a different perspective regarding the dangers that are out there influencing how long and how healthily we are likely to live in the ‘developed’ world.

For instance, Iatrogenic diseases (those created by modern medical treatment) is the third most fatal disease in the U.S with conservatively 100,000 patients every year die or are injured by prescribed drugs, surgical procedures gone wrong, hospital neglect, wrong diagnoses and the prevalence of medical ‘mistakes’.

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Nov 20

Increasing numbers of cases of outbreaks of irrational and violent behaviour are causing concern in China.

The increase in psychological problems is largely blamed upon social pressures.

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May 25

Mind drugs that have been largely experimental over the last decades, are now under severe medical scrutiny by expert psychiatrists.

Having studied the trends, many of these professionals are deeply concerned about the damage that has been done by some drugs – in particular those that are generally prescribed for depression, anxiety and more serious mental diseases.  In fact the evidence leads towards a ban upon many of the psychiatric drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies and still being widely distributed. The special danger to children is of extremely serious nature when psychiatric drugs have now been found to have long term side effects.

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