Jun 7

Anxiety that stretches beyond natural caution or a temporary state of stress tends to become fear – fear that can paralyse us, spoil our enjoyment of life and stifle our creative thought.

Fear can affect our soul and make us timid in facing life experience

Fear can affect our mind to dominate our creative and expansive thought processes

Fear can strangle our natural emotions that seek expression through love, kindness and joy

Fear can make our bodies rigid instead of supple and healthy

There are fears of many kinds and most of us will suffer some or even many in our lifetime if we do not give them our conscious attention.    For example, the following ….

Fear of disease        Fear of lightning             Fear of heights        Fear of water

Fear of going out    Fear of being enclosed     Fear of people          Fear of loneliness

Fear of fame            Fame of failure                 Fear of the dark         Fear of the future

Fear of the past       Fear of some animals      Fear of crowds          Fear of dying

Fear of flying           Fear of accident                Fear for loved ones    Fear to lose independence

To all these potential attitudes that can ruin our lives and undermine our peace are also all the subtler fears that inhabit our thought world.

There are different ways to reduce our fears. To expect drugs to do this is naive as we all know that drugs will often present us with new or additional stress.

We must find a way after recognizing a fear, to dissolve it, reduce it, or cancel it – not by fighting it but by self persuasion and gentler means else any relief will be only temporary.

Mar 14

We are experiencing or observing many changes in the global village of the present time.

Many of these are positive and would seem to be introducing measures to advance our society and our prosperity.  Have the changes brought us benefit and promise to continue along a path we wish to go? Or have we lost our way?

Those who cherish values of order, ethics and morals according to natural law are not pleased but rather aghast at the extent our culture is disintegrating. People are encouraged to give way to unhealthy thoughts and behaviour instead of the personal disciplines that lead to nobler paths, purposes and peaceful lives.

Those who make sincere effort to achieve some quality in their own self culture receive little support from social climate or are offered deliberate encouragement from others who are aware of their strivings toward excellence.  We are apt to find ourselves in the classroom of the world without a teacher to guide, without sympathetic companions and can only retreat to do our ‘homework’ alone, whether it is in matters of physical health or mental fitness.

The wonderful realisation that brings us courage is that there is nothing and nobody to stop us progressing as our own minds and ideas tell us is ‘right’.  We do not have to challenge others if we are generally minding our own business and working toward the lifestyle and the ideal of the quality human being we seek to become. We are free to discover our inner pursuits no matter what material circumstance present themselves.

In regard to outer difficulties, we all have to overcome any fear we may feel about the future as well as current events. The practise of inner self confidence is our tool. To focus upon our own inner centre gradually brings us from the initial deliberate effort towards the time when we feel free. Then we are able to dissolve any fear or stress and experience a spontaneous and genuine identification with our inner spiritual nature that possesses the powerful qualities of love and light that disperse darkness.

Meditate to experience this.

Aug 27

Of course we all need to know what is necessary for our own education about the disease called Cancer. Most of us have loved ones who have or are at present suffering from the symptoms or even the chemical treatment methods currently in vogue. There are few families that escape this modern health hazard in our polluted environment where no natural element is untainted.

However, although in particular it is a disease of the so called ‘developed countries’ where chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industries abound as does greed and material affluence, it is not entirely without other factors in its complex causes.

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Dec 10

Although statistics are somewhat overwhelming regarding the numbers of people who contract and often die of cancer, our fears can be somewhat modified when we learn of other factors in other areas of the numbers game. This helps us to gain a different perspective regarding the dangers that are out there influencing how long and how healthily we are likely to live in the ‘developed’ world.

For instance, Iatrogenic diseases (those created by modern medical treatment) is the third most fatal disease in the U.S with conservatively 100,000 patients every year die or are injured by prescribed drugs, surgical procedures gone wrong, hospital neglect, wrong diagnoses and the prevalence of medical ‘mistakes’.

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Oct 23

The fear that you are losing control of your own mind can only be countered by your decision to resume control by discipline and training.  This is nothing new. Each one of us has to do this as our responsibility having been given the gift of intelligence and free will. We have to become friends with our mind – and patiently apply ourselves through conscious exercises in concentration, imagination, as well as the passive control of thought through relaxation and meditation.  To take the attitude that you will enjoy these exercises makes your future path easier.

However, there is less anticipation of success should you continue to take drugs of any kind. This includes alcohol, marihuana and even medical drugs unless you are suffering a serious condition that requires professional psychiatric care.

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