Mar 6

In our democratically aspiring countries we insist upon freedom of speech. However we are all constantly being swamped by the idea that some thoughts are not ‘correct’ and others are…and to the extent that it is common use now to refer to ‘PC’, thinking ‘everyone’ will know what we are talking about.

In our cultural codes we have  considered it rude to refer to subject or acronyms in speech and in the written word without introducing or affirming the full title or subject if we are not to embarrass others.  There are few in social gatherings who have a direct approach and would seek to ask ‘what does …….mean? ‘

It is difficult enough to fight against the forces that would deny us free speech and impossible to contend with the suggestion that our minds and expressions of thought must be judged by some unknown authority, as ‘correct’ or not.

Every ‘trendy’ popular thought or ideology should be appraised before adopting an attitude that succumbs to the fashion of the times.

To keep our minds clear we must be alert and reject popular pressures that are not in accord with our own ethics and thinking.


Aug 25

A great deal of public attention in developed countries goes to considering how to cope with elimination of wastes from our wasteful habits and materialistic way of life. It is inorganic toxic waste that threatens our health and causes most concern in the physical environment.

However, we have yet to admit the dangers and destructive effects of mental pollutants that continue to degrade the quality of our mental fitness and undermine the progress of our modern culture towards the ideal of total human health and well being.

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Mar 10

The relaxation experience is beautiful. It is good for us, but also a great pleasure – a rather infrequent coupling!

When we relax we have a chance to offload our tensions, stress, anxieties and our tight and uncomfortable reactions to life, to people, and to happenings or events.

We have the chance to melt away any physical tension to allow nature to send its energies to heal and vitalize every cell of our body as we breathe rhythmically.

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Feb 12

Thoughts are real energies released by the human brain – energies likened to magnetic and electric impulses. These energies are broadcast into our mental atmosphere and can be ‘picked up’ or ‘tuned in to’ as we do with wireless, although through the medium of our subconscious antennae. There are good quality thoughts and some terrible ones. We must recognize that there are thoughts that vitally nourish our minds and those that are poisonous to our well being.

With disregard or rejection of time honoured values in culture, our mental climate is becoming threatening. Classical values are being replaced by thoughts and attitudes that are damaging. Their acceptance indicates a collapse of our social values and principles. It is only the positive, noble thoughts and aspirations that uphold any civilization. Denial of them limits further progress or heralds the downfall of a people.

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Mar 31

If the cells of the brain are programmed to remember all impressions, experiences and outer activities of your life there must be a vast accumulation of unwanted material in the subconscious mind. There are methods and ways to cleanse or purge our minds of this material.

This is recognized by psychologists and those who make neurological studies of the brain. They tend to be of the opinion that it is advisable to encourage catharsis or regular cleansing of the subconscious mind. Techniques used for this purpose vary with professionals.

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