Nov 20

We grow from the study of particulars to comprehend the whole. This applies to the understanding and expression of our emotions, with the comprehensive, mysterious and all important emotion of love.
So as we know the nature of our personal focus of love and its familiar expression, we expand to consider and embrace all manner of its other qualities. In this we are aided in understanding and respecting traditional astrological properties related to the heavenly spheres and zodiacal energies and to the different types of personality and character of other people we meet along life’s way.
In the course of our lives we should welcome opportunity to learn of their approach and perhaps share some insight into their attitude and understanding of love.
We observe the Aries type of love – in its courage and valiant expression in action
Taurean love that is stable and possessive and strong to claim its own
The restless love of Gemini associated with need to communicate through speech and writing
Cancer’s love is kindness that creates and secures a home base to nurture others
Leo’s love that is a magnanimous power and radiation of an inherent sense of rulership
Virgo with talents tuned towards and demanding excellence in self and in others
Libra’s love equates with harmony and balance in emotional expression in partnership
Scorpio loves with an intensity few can match in depth of feeling and its search for truth
Sagittarius seeks to demonstrate spontaneity of love associated with a freedom of body and mind
Capricorn with its capacity to work hard and persevere fulfils a natural desire to help others
Aquarius breaks free of any formula for love, seeking beyond personality to a wider sense of oneness
And we have Pisces love that is humble enough to demonstrate true self sacrifice and to love without bounds
We know that the quality of Love itself cannot be analysed. Yet we know that as there are different types of love so there are differing degrees of human capacity to experience and to radiate this wonderful quality that at its finest can be described as the Great Love that has given life to our whole world and beyond.

Jan 31

These influences of the two ‘parent’ celestial bodies that directly affect earth life can be applied to each of us personally, as to societies and nations. Astrologers keep the personal and the wider applications in mind when interpreting a Chart – understanding that dissolving conflicts and achieving balance between Sun and Moon is the ultimate goal for each of us.

Beyond the obvious influences of the sun upon our brighter spirits and the moon upon the subtle moods and tides there are others to consider….

SUN influences




good fortune











outward expression



material & spiritual power                



MOON influences

state of mind

emotional moods


agricultural growth

cyclic growth

ocean tides

fertility in females


emotional and mental states

intellect and sensitivities

energy patterns

seed germination

the brain


preserving life



psychic & spiritual power

Jun 28

There is a great need to try to save our young people from mental suffering.

It is regrettable that the basic understanding of psychology is not incorporated into the general education of young people. This is to their detriment. Without presenting them with knowledge of psychology and some measure of insight into their own make-up, we fail to equip students with the tools they require for their life experience. It is only knowledge that can serve in preventing mental disease. Preventive Medicine and preventative methods must constitute the focus of both physical and mental health in the future.

Feb 25

Think strong thoughts and we become strong

Think mean thoughts will make us mean

Think loving thoughts and we become loving

Think cruel thoughts makes us cruel

Think peaceful thoughts and we come to peace

It is a fact of life that we become an expression of our total thought


Feb 15

What is natural serves as a reasonable guide to what is right. If we continue to try to turn our reasoning upside down or seek to challenge the great fundamental laws of Nature, we are in for a shock or two.

When our leaders choose to take us in a direction that we know is wrong, we as the people must assert ourselves.  We have the freedom to deny their further poor government that is inclined to use bullying tactics to initiate laws that would be an affront to our freedom when they touch on traditional moral and religious issues.

When and where have governments had the power to challenge Nature and legislate in a way that declares that what the people know as wrong, has become right?  ….only in countries where dictators rule. There is no place for this in a democracy. As long as individual thought has not been entirely destroyed the people in their values will gravitate towards what is natural, and therefore get back on track towards a genuine and wiser path to human advancement.

For instance, should we regress, by mistakenly accepting homosexual behaviour we will find it is a likely precursor to our doom as a people. This has been proven in previous civilizations where the male and females no longer recognize nature’s purpose as the vital key.

Should we continue to neglect or reject the responsibilities and the qualities of our birth sex and seek co-operative expression in normal blending of men and women in partnership, we are distorting the creative and proper use of sexual energy polarity by directing vitality into sterile or perverted channels.

The concept of sex as a fine and beautiful means of channelling another human being into the world has been damaged almost beyond repair.

The beauty and comfort of family life no longer exists to provide security and peace. There are few homes where a disciplined pattern and order of refinement is not longer possible because of the intrusion of outside pollutants of thought and behaviour.

If we would wish to intelligently correct our mistakes and rebuild our culture on a firm foundation there is little time for women, the gentle sex, to strive to become women again as for men to regain true strength of heroic manhood.


Oct 8

Many of us are trapped in the inner world of our own thoughts.  We get entangled in the maze of ideas, impulses, reactions, memories, processes, dreams and yearnings that can take possession of our thought faculties and over which at times it seems we have no conscious control. We must respect the position of power and influence of our mind that governs and directs our feelings and actions but we must not allow its strident dictatorship.

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Aug 26

Natural White Light is comprised of what we often call the seven colours of the rainbow.

By its light astronomers are able to analyse and distinguish different features of a celestial body or galaxy through observation of its colours. These are the true colours or energies that are recorded by sophisticated technology, not the colour enhanced, beautiful images we are often provided through NASA.

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May 13

It is not that we need more knowledge about the mind as much as finding how to construct a life- saving bridge from our minds to the knowledge deep in our hearts.

Stranded on the shores of knowledge of the intellect alone, we eventually find ourselves lonely and devoid of real life satisfaction and experience regardless of our accumulation of information.

If we should choose to depend upon our emotions and consciousness of our hearts alone, we soon learn that we need the mind to channel our affections and sympathies appropriately.

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May 11

Many people today seem to depend upon their consultations with a personal psycho-analyst in order to help clear the mental and emotional energies that tend to accumulate when we have no time to attend to sorting our problems out for ourselves.

Those who make time to practise simple relaxation techniques, or employ the fine yogic technique of Yoga Nidra find that these measures are satisfactory in reducing stress.

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May 11

Creating your own creed is a serious and helpful exercise.

Doing this will help you to formulate the values that are important to your life and the way you live it for your soul’s satisfaction.

You will find that it will possibly be a creed that will need revising some time later, but by keeping it simple it may serve you, by silent repetition of it, as a lifelong private source of encouragement and inspiration.

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