Apr 1

“O hidden life, vibrant in every atom

O hidden light, shining in every creature

O hidden love, embracing all in oneness,

May each who feels himself as one with Thee

Know he is therefore one with every other.”

Annie Besant

Dec 15

A human being’s true family does not merely consist of those related by birth

but  of those who share a genuine and abiding love and affection in true friendship.


Feb 15

What is natural serves as a reasonable guide to what is right. If we continue to try to turn our reasoning upside down or seek to challenge the great fundamental laws of Nature, we are in for a shock or two.

When our leaders choose to take us in a direction that we know is wrong, we as the people must assert ourselves.  We have the freedom to deny their further poor government that is inclined to use bullying tactics to initiate laws that would be an affront to our freedom when they touch on traditional moral and religious issues.

When and where have governments had the power to challenge Nature and legislate in a way that declares that what the people know as wrong, has become right?  ….only in countries where dictators rule. There is no place for this in a democracy. As long as individual thought has not been entirely destroyed the people in their values will gravitate towards what is natural, and therefore get back on track towards a genuine and wiser path to human advancement.

For instance, should we regress, by mistakenly accepting homosexual behaviour we will find it is a likely precursor to our doom as a people. This has been proven in previous civilizations where the male and females no longer recognize nature’s purpose as the vital key.

Should we continue to neglect or reject the responsibilities and the qualities of our birth sex and seek co-operative expression in normal blending of men and women in partnership, we are distorting the creative and proper use of sexual energy polarity by directing vitality into sterile or perverted channels.

The concept of sex as a fine and beautiful means of channelling another human being into the world has been damaged almost beyond repair.

The beauty and comfort of family life no longer exists to provide security and peace. There are few homes where a disciplined pattern and order of refinement is not longer possible because of the intrusion of outside pollutants of thought and behaviour.

If we would wish to intelligently correct our mistakes and rebuild our culture on a firm foundation there is little time for women, the gentle sex, to strive to become women again as for men to regain true strength of heroic manhood.


Jul 12

Throughout the journey of life, other people can be considered to be our travelling companions.

Beyond the time of shared companionship and experiences along the way, there are the beautiful and rare companions with whom one wishes to stop to rest and enjoy a period of time with those to whom one feels attuned.

More wonderful is to discover en route one’s soul mate with whom a deeper and enduring relationship is established to make happier journeying through the ups and downs of life circumstances as well as the mutual richness of soul which comes from sharing.

Some travel alone without finding such companionship. In solitude their journey is undertaken in a conscious or unconscious desire to relate more directly to Nature itself, or the Universal life beyond human individuality. Some are lonely in their aloneness, knowing the pleasure of shared life journeying and yearning for fulfilment never found in spite of their desire. Others happily choose to travel alone in their vital adventurous push towards their goal and the distant summit.

Some travellers linger to study and observe nature around them.

Others are sympathetic to those in need and interrupt their journey in order to encourage others or to assist or to heal those who are suffering.

Inevitably no matter our chosen style of travel, we retain our singular identity, regardless of our close companions, to arrive at our eventual destination, alone but with the knowledge that we have lived our life well and wiser in the knowledge that all life is One.

Although the bonds we establish with others along life’s way are powerful we must remember that the healthiest relationships are formed when all the parties involved are happy and whole and of course this applies most intensely to the natural relationship of marriage between man and woman, which is based upon a willing bondage, one to the other.


Jun 20

Most women know the tremendous sense of relief after a tearful expression of their negative emotional store. It is a natural way of releasing emotional tension, stress and resentment.

Most men see tears as an emotional indulgence, a weakness and often despise such a display of self-sorrow. Other men are not irritated by tears of a woman, but see it as a sign of distress and opportunity to offer their strong protection and help.

It is usual that men restrain any inclination to cry in their effort to cultivate masculine strength and this is to be applauded in spite of trendy ideas to the contrary. Most women are dismayed to see a man cry and feel very insecure to think that in this sphere men are not stronger than they.

Self pity is not the only emotion which is stored and must be cleansed occasionally from one’s being. There are many others, the most detrimental being that of resentment.  Stored resentment is found to be a factor in creating conditions where physical diseases such as arthritis and cancer flourish.

One’s sense of fairness can prove uncomfortable if one feels that a situation of unfairness has occurred, particularly if it relates immediately to oneself. And this causes a buildup of anger. There are limitless possible situations which can generate an angry response.  But anger does no good.

A problem arises if there is no release of that anger energy.  If it is not displayed, expressed, released or conveyed to give opportunity to resolve the trigger factor, then the anger energy will begin to work destructively in the physical body and cause damage to health of one’s entire being.

Cleansing one’s emotions should be approached within the total attitude and discipline of a self cultural programme. That is, it should not be that one’s effort to get rid of negative energy of emotional kind should be inflicted upon another, nor disturb another’s peace.  There is nothing so quickly flaring a response as sudden anger from one person and defensive response in the other. Although of course it happens often enough, through discipline of each the negative pattern can be averted or changed entirely.

It is best to go off alone and vent one’s spleen by stamping up and down, having a good cry, or sometimes a private scream or yell until you feel your equilibrium return and reason resumes the reins enough to think clearly for discussion and put aside the emotional hurt and negative and often destructive mood that follows.

There is a need to use courage to face up to problems that occur and if necessary confront the person or persons who are party to or responsible for, the cause of your anger or hurt. The only time this should be attempted is when all parties are quiet and the irritant situation diffused. Only then is everyone receptive.

Of course that sounds simple, and in practice is exceedingly difficult. Subtlety, understanding, techniques in negotiation are all part of the qualities which go to successful communication about getting some relief from the emotional inflictions which others can cause. Sometimes it is not possible to get a hearing and then only an attitude or action offers a cure.

Courage is required to make an attempt to voice your concerns and your hurts, your irritations or your anxieties. Discretion is required to choose the right time for such communication and in truth many find that there is never “a right time” – there is likely a permanent reluctance on the part of other parties to avoid confrontation.  Mostly this comes from an over defensive attitude on their part.

With man and woman it is essential to realise that emotional make up of a man is entirely different to that of a woman no matter what unisex ideologies abound.  There are emotional attitudes and defensive stances which a man will most certainly assume when he is approached on emotional issues and these unfortunately appear as weakness or irrational to a woman.  On the other hand, when women are approached by a man who wants a hearing about her problems or habits she invariably responds by talking – and her words and attitudes seem quite irrational to a man.

With the preponderance of domestic violence in the community, it would seem that some basic adjustment is required to make the emotional energies which become inflamed negatively, resume a more balanced warm glow of affectionate understanding in households in order to provide a semblance of a secure and safe environment for children to be reared and for family life to resume its proper place as our greatest need for emotional security.

Apr 2

The subject has become a focus of political and philosophical disturbance and debate in many countries where enjoying freedom has eroded discrimination and given tolerance and now licence to wrongdoing.

Time and energy is being spent in the presentation of a perverted idea of marriage in human culture in western countries termed as ‘gay marriage’ between two of the same sex. It is seen as an issue of ‘choice’ and ‘sexual preference’ to question nature and deny one’s birth sex.

In western countries as in Australia, if this issue is not speedily resolved by strong public stance that wishes the retention of traditional marriage custom, we are likely to find social changes that are totally destructive to our physical and emotional way of life.

It appears that speakers at a recent rally in Parliament House organized by the National Marriage Coalition were vocal in their objections as reported in The Australian newspaper August 16th 2011. We need strong moral attitudes to prevail.

Attempts are being made to pollute our minds into thinking black is white and this if successful in the effort to enshrine homosexual marriage as lawful would not only make mockery of our traditional System of Law based upon natural ethics and principles but would contribute to the eventual, or even immediate destruction of our present civilization.

Throughout the world’s cultures sexual relationships between two of the same sex has been deemed unlawful and in some communities punished by death.  What is now posed is a complete overturning of traditional rules of sexual behaviour that challenge all the laws of society but those related to health, hygiene, morals and spiritual principles upon which our civilization has advanced.

Scientific knowledge and rules of hygiene are ignored or being challenged. This is obvious in the case particularly of active male homosexuals whose sexual abuses involve anal entry, by which Aids is known to be transmitted.

Once homosexual behaviour was considered to be an aberration and classed as a mental or emotional disease that should be responded to with compassion, tolerance and healed through psychological adjustment.

Now we are in danger of not only promoting physical sexual disease and psychological symptoms but of undermining forever the potential trust and loving relationship that is the ideal of natural male/female relationships.

All this is occurring because of weakness that has allowed our thought processes to be distorted. We have allowed insidious methods of persuasion to force us adopt ideas that deny logic, to feel differently and to deny natural instincts in assuming a tolerance and understanding that most of us do not possess. Most healthy people when considering the subject impartially will feel abhorrence at the abnormal behaviour associated with homosexuality.

When are we to find the strength to take a moral stance as to what is right and wrong without apology?

Surely our concept of democratic freedom still embraces responsibility?

We are denying this democratic freedom by surrendering to destructive social trends that would deny decent human integrity and values.

The warnings are clear. It is now up to us to protect natural relationships and family life.

May 6

Although from an early age we are taught to have some control over our emotions and in the expression of our negative feelings, we are not often made equally aware of the value in increasing and cultivating our good ones, such as loving kindness, consideration  and contentment.

To a degree our emotions seem left to develop as we grow up and adolescence years offers a period of acquiring emotional independence, instead of continuing the patterns and values of our family.  We begin to determine emotional expression and choose to adopt desirable or appropriate behaviour for ourselves.  Other people serve us by their example of what we see as positive qualities to develop and also by demonstrating behavior we choose to avoid.

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Mar 22

We seem to all suffer stress these days. There is much discussion about the causes of this modern ‘epidemic’ that threatens our health, our emotional enjoyment of life and our mental fitness.

The causes of our personal stress are simple enough if we face the factors in our lives that result in our states of discontent, anxiety or unhappiness that we are experiencing. Whether or not we can change the external factors altogether is questionable but we can take control over our personal reactions to the conditions in which we find ourselves and so regain and maintain our mental fitness.


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