Dec 24

Strong ideas, principles and ethics allow societies to be established and sustained.  We are living in times that exaggerate the need for tolerance of everybody else and every other religion and culture and yet have foresaken our own.  We are at risk of losing the security we have been privileged to enjoy through previous people and their endeavours for humanity.  We are neglecting our own ways in what seems misguided desire to demonstrate a ‘tolerance’  that results in our weakness as a people.

It cannot be right to wish otherwise than to become a reliable and responsible citizen in whatever is our home country where we are loyal to our nation and justifiably proud of its successes.

How can we be persuaded we must be tolerant above all, considerate beyond reason to those who have recently sought refuge in our country in order to escape their own failing country and its violent circumstances ? This to a point that allows our flag to be burned or desecrated without penalty; our own citizens and innocents terrorized both by threat and fear; or that we listen to their further demands and seek to placate them without insistance that newcomers are to  learn our language, respect our laws and integrate into the fine society that drew them to safety.

Having listened to the trendy mantra of ‘tolerance’ we have failed to protect our own people. Our culture is crumbling as in other western countries where the people have chosen to become weak rather than remaining strong. We seem unable to not react to the irritants of Islam and blind to its codes that allow violence to achieve ends that threatens the core of  democracy.  We have become, instead of saviours of a disadvantaged people, ourselves the victims of the disease of  terrorism.

Instead of the weak attitude we take of denial that we have made errors that have broken our defences . We must surely review what is happening and choose to seek correction. As applies to a healthy person, a world of healthy nations will only exist if each unit maintains its freedom and integrity.

Perhaps it is too late?


Sep 22

The world in which we are living in the 21st century is not conducive to health of any kind. We have a struggle to survive- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – having chosen to rebel against or reject the fundamental values and ethics of our culture.

The destructive tendencies of mankind are now rampant in every sphere in society. There are changes that are not constructive and many have contaminated our personal living environment, ruined the refuge offered in harmonious family life and even caused nations to falter.

We hardly need to be reminded of the destruction of our natural physical environment with pollution being an issue on land, sea, and air.

Regarding the subtler areas of human function in the emotional and mental realms we must recognize that there are issues that are equally critical and even more important to our welfare and our future on the planet.

There is unrest or disease apparent on all levels but it is the massive outbreak of psychological issues evidence in depression, violence (self harm and to others), criminality and general aggression so that our societies are now a far cry from the peace, health and happiness we all dream about and wish to share.

However, as individuals and as a people we are responsible for what we have created in wonderful technological and social advances. We are also responsible for rectification of our wrongs, both as a society and as individuals. Only this fact can motivate us to offer our talents to the ultimate good of the whole.

Karma will determine the degree of our success.



Sep 3

Relaxation is now accepted as a legitimate approach to improving health and is a vital tool in building mental fitness. It is routine therapy recommended by professions dealing with physical and psychological stress.

Many of us suffer minor symptoms of stress caused by every day happenings as well as our internal world of thought, worries and emotion. In addition, those suffering pain have to learn to deal with additional and sometimes constant discomfort.

We can deal with stress that causes symptoms such as hayfever, muscular tension, or headaches by taking medications or by appropriate exercises and cottage remedies. But serious conditions such as panic attacks, migraine and some states of anxiety and depression cause us to call for medical assistance.

However, it is possible that any symptom of physical or psychological stress, pain or strain can be relieved by the practice of relaxation. There are several approaches and techniques but the simple basis of them all is to release all muscular tension, establish easy rhythmic breathing and then focus attention in turn upon the body, sensory awareness, and emotional feelings.

This is practised best lying flat on your back on the floor, arms by your sides. The alternative position is to sit upright in a chair. The eyes are gently closed. A quiet few minutes of private time is all you need.

Even severe symptoms can be relieved temporarily and there are many cases where
this simple practice has provided a cure. The reason is that once we allow the opportunity for a return to a natural passive state, all our layers of effort and stress are cast off. Mind and body become friends again.

It is a great help to be taught in classes first, so that you can repeat the directives in your self-help exercise at home. And it works. Try it!




Jun 6

 Rhythmically, peacefully, into my body

The streams of refreshment, of healing, of comfort

Shall flow through the darkness

Renewing my life force, my powers of resistance

Rebuilding my health of my mind and my body.

to repeat mentally over and over….


Jan 31

Because traditional claims for direct benefits from inhaling or applying essential oils has attracted great public interest over the last years there is considerable enthusiasm to evaluate the claims by modern scientific processes.

 Practical research trials at Tottori University, Japan have interesting conclusions.

Seventeen elderly people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease were monitored after

introducing essential oils in their therapy.

 Rosemary and lemon oils were used in the morning and lavender and orange in the evening for a period of 28 days after time the patients were assessed and showed some degree of  cognitive function enough to indicate a new and safe potential for the use of essential oils in regular treatment of the elderly suffering from the disease.

 The Shefa Neuroscience Research Centre, Tehran, Iran reports that scientists have found positive results in the use of Lavender oil in a range of neurological disorders.

As the realization of the chances of contracting Alzheimer’s in the aging populations is increasing in western countries in particular, so there is eagerness to find and apply simple, safe, natural ways of prevention.


May 15

The statistics that demonstrate the extent of the disease known once as senility and now more commonly as Alzheimer’s disease are receiving attention the world over as the problem increases at an alarming rate. There are as many as an estimated 5,000,000 cases in India alone. All these are sufferers at various stages of experiencing early symptoms to those who no longer can enjoy a quality of life because of failing mental faculties, or when memory and dementia are causing them decreased levels of independence. They are forced into a situation where loved ones are relied upon to care for them. There are no cures offered by modern medicine.

However, in India, because of the traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine and its natural herbal remedies as well as a unique approach that allows the humane qualities to be encouraged in family and social life, there are many aged people enjoying the warmth and support of life where the aged remain in their inclusion in the family circle. This avoids the failing system in other countries or places where institutions offer cold comfort by comparison and where drugs are relied upon as a tool to sedate those suffering with Alzheimer’s and its several forms.

Recognized medical programmes to increase cognitive stimulation and maintain physical health along with brain training of various kinds are generally proving important aids in delaying the disease. In India as well as other countries, various challenges are introduced such as those offered in word games, card games, sensory exercises, memory training and help in concentration.  Relaxation is an important and successful technique that involves physical release of muscle stress as Meditation releases mental strain.

Many who have faith in the natural methods and wish to avoid invasive medication by drugs are looking to be aware of, and to put into practice methods of healing discovered. The value of aromatherapy for instance has been proven to help dementia patients and many more psychiatrists and doctors are considering incorporating the knowledge that uses natural perfumes to ‘feed’ or soothe the brain through inhalation.

We hope that the habit of casting the aged into institutions will cease as families discover simple ways that are effective in keeping their loved ones in a loving environment in which to apply the natural therapies and published successes of dedicated researchers.

Jul 5

Can we cancel present world negative patterns and redeem our Earth paradise?

This is a question we are all asking…….

The world in which we are living in the 21st century is not conducive to health of any kind. We have a struggle to survive- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The destructive tendencies of man have been rampant in every sphere and have contaminated our living from family life to nations. Seemingly we are neglecting or even discarding the clear patterns and guidelines for human culture.

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Feb 20

We all possess personality imbalances of some kind. Although sometimes these traits may be a trouble to us or give some minor concern to others, in spite of this, we learn to live with ourselves and hopefully others live happily around us.

If we are wise, we seek information about psychology that will help us to moderate or adapt our habits, thoughts, emotions or behavior or look for professional guidance from a psychologist.  We can help ourselves or seek further guidance and assistance from the many avenues that are open to us in following natural methods of total health care.

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Dec 6

Many experiences of our early life are buried and considered as forgotten, even some that may seem to others as insignificant. A common habit of name-calling as a juvenile method of hurting others causes much temporary and sometimes long lasting pain. Regrettably the habit remains in use as mental ammunition used into adulthood by those wishing to continue to use it destructively.

There are many people who experience severe trauma in early life as their minds are developing. They are influenced by vocal negative criticism, especially any that seem to them unwarranted. Although this cannot compare with severe physical and psychological abuse, it is an indication of how deeply any trauma can affect us, sometimes for the whole of our lives.

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Nov 4

There is sufficient knowledge available to convince us that to take chemical drugs and medications to relieve our uncomfortable internal psychological states is not the best idea. Many serious side effects are documented and experienced by many thousands of people taking prescriptions drugs and even over the counter medications hoping to become free but in fact finding their symptoms increase.

Alternatives are available if we consider that there are many other avenues open to us that are safe and natural. However we must be involved in the therapy to the extent that the ultimate responsibility lies in our own self discipline and choices.  We must be willing to confront the causes of our depressed state of mind and emotions. We must do this before we can expect to become truly free.

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