Oct 28

The future of mankind promises great advances towards individual and mass progress in understanding of the world and the purposes for which we exist.

There are however, difficulties that are immediate and require attention and rectification if we are to benefit in the spiritual sense and ensure our spiritual advances as those of material prosperity.

We are neglecting the true culture of human values in our educational systems and now there is much cleverness but little wisdom observed in the motivation of governments.

The people have great appetite for information but little attention to practical application. There are few guiding lines in a permissive society and all moral and ethical establishments have proven frail in the storm of rebellious negative forces that attempt to destroy all faiths and values.

We need to hold firm to our inherent knowledge of right and wrong and be prepared to think for ourselves, free and uninfluenced by violence, violence that could threaten further chaos.

Only if we are to be part of a planet that is not only beautiful in natural wealth but one populated by humans who are kind and can herald a peaceful era for the future can we bring about a time that could culminate in the establishment of an era of true progress for which previous generations of individuals have devoted their lives.




Dec 5

In celebrating at Christmas the birth of Jesus, we are reminded to search out His direct teachings and contemplate their importance and the truths they reveal. It is ours to open our minds to the profound messages that we comprehend and aspire to develop our own nature towards a greatness beyond our present human growth.


“A new religion will be given out yet it will be but a facet of the old. There is but one Religion, as there is but One God. Truth Itself is infinitely greater than can ever be mirrored in all the teachings, the philosophies, the religions of the world. Each of them catches and reflects as it were, one beam of he Light. Whether the reflection is a true one or not, depends upon the purity of the mirror.”

Master Jesus


“And know that I am with you always; yea, to the end of time.”

Master Jesus..


Apr 1

“O hidden life, vibrant in every atom

O hidden light, shining in every creature

O hidden love, embracing all in oneness,

May each who feels himself as one with Thee

Know he is therefore one with every other.”

Annie Besant

Mar 30

Because so many have gone before us and are confident enough to offer guidance or give us a hint of what is the key to life’s mysteries, we are injected with certain courage to go in a certain direction or follow a particular method. And because inevitably we must make any method our own if we are to arrive at our own understanding, we must be able to practise and so measure it by the results.

However, because in our culture complexity is the fascination, any philosophy that prescribes simple application of universal principles tends to be neglected, in spite of the thousands of reminders we maintain in our cultural records that teach us otherwise.

In seeking how to be healthy for instance, when once the physical natural laws for health are acknowledged, application must follow and this is difficult enough; to seek in addition to apply the psychological disciplines of emotion and thought that are required for our reason and for our happiness is even more demanding; to feel free to listen to the inner guidance of our own soul and intuition is given less time and attention; to seek to identify with our experiencing soul consciousness that allows us to feel at one with the great Universal Consciousness is the most rarified aspiration and yet the most fundamental Reality a human being needs to know.

It is not by thinking but by feeling that we experience and satisfy this spiritual need to arrive at truth. We may think we are alive – but we must feel we are alive. Our thoughts may guide us but it is only by feeling that we find the key, whether from within our internal world of intuition or by expanding our love capacity to embrace life, we seek for Life to embrace us.
And depending upon aspiration and our capacity to surrender to It, whether from within or without, Life will claim us in equal measure and we will discover the truth we seek…. when we are able to be still and our scattered thoughts are silent.



Mar 18

The universal spiritual teaching focuses upon the need for us to break free of personal ego and selfishness so that we can experience the Universal world of life beyond our own limitations and the self awareness that stunts our growth.

Easter season is a time of ancient ritual dating back to pagan time, celebrating death and renewal in nature and in mankind.
The common symbols that have been associated with Easter in the Christian Church, other than the ritual of the Holy Eucharist and the crucifix that represents the spirit of self sacrifice of the Christ are…….

Hot Cross Buns – is a physical indulgence in spicy buns with symbol of the cross imposed in icing or sugar as a reminder to give thanks to Jesus for the gift of his life to help ours. It is the custom to serve these on Good Friday in recognition of the sacrifice on the Cross.
Egg – symbolism – the message is a reminder that we are spiritually limited by the shell of our personal ego and we must learn to sacrifice the shelter of the egg to gradually break free if we wish to see and learn and experience the living world of universal life and energy beyond.
Chickens – the happy chickens represent those who are free of material restriction and ready to grow to maturity as a complete spiritual human being. Exchanges of eggs traditionally take place on the third day of Easter Sunday to recall the Resurrection.


Dec 24

We are reminded at this Christian celebration of the birth of Christ of the need for

strong leadership to guide us through life’s difficulties.

Loving kindness, Peace and Understanding – the simple reminder of Jesus’s message

to the world will renew our inner strength and human virtues.

To focus upon this will help maintain our natural link and appreciation of goodness

and maintain our simple worship of the Great Creative Intelligence – our life Source.

This brings us Peace.

Nov 14

Swami Vivekananda says –

…”There is a continuity of mind, as the yogis call it.

The mind is universal. Your mind, my mind, all these little minds, are fragments of that universal mind,

little waves in the ocean; and on account of this continuity, we can convey our thoughts directly to one another.”

Jul 28

Put the mind in order and train it dispassionately to establish a true perspective on life.

Clear out mercilessly all accumulated rubbish in your personal environment – your inhibitions, false values, greed, uncertainties, indecisions,

restlessness, excitement, anger, fear, envy or hatred.

From your heart’s centre, free of selfishness, allow love to grow and blossom to provide the soul’s safe haven until thought has its final flight and the spirit swims free at last in the sphere where only Love reigns.

Mar 29

Easter Meditation

At this sacred time we are reminded of the essential message of the Christian celebration of Easter – that is ‘sacrifice’ and subsequent renewal.
There may be many ideas and associations relating to the scriptures and to the idea of sacrifice that can be translated on either a personal level or as a spiritual generality when focussed upon the universal symbolism that Nature demonstrates so vividly for us on this planet in the miracle of growth.
In all growth there is observed the yielding of one thing for another life continuance whether this is seen in a material sense as in the crumbling of a rock to make soil or in the shedding of a snakeskin, or on a human level, the maternal sacrifices for a child or the warrior who gives his life for what he holds dear. Within the whole process we see that life is given for something else to evolve.
The giving of life of Jesus was such that the full potential of the human spirit of the Christ may be known to us, reflects a magnitude of extreme sacrifice motivated by love. It is to this ideal that we aspire.
We best honour and acknowledge such a wondrous capacity by exercising the principle within our own lives. It is only our imagination can only bring us a measure of understanding by stirring our own capacity to give in some way so that what we love or value most may be preserved or its life or fate advanced.
Easter time in the natural season of the southern hemisphere is a quiet, introvert withdrawal of energies during autumn as in the northern hemisphere the accent is upon the resurrection or joy of the spirit released in spring.
We are encouraged to meditate upon both aspects of Easter – upon what we value most and would consider giving even our own life for its advance or welfare and also to attempt to identify with the ideal loving and joyful human being that we are all growing toward as our ideal and personified in the Christ.

Dec 6

Christmas was a time of celebration long before the birth of the Christ.

In ancient times it was celebrated as the time of year when the passage of the Sun had apparently seemed to return to the northern hemisphere to bring new life and hope for the new year.

It was also hailed as a deeply spiritual time when priesthoods reminded the people of their close link with the Creator through encouraging them to identify with the spark of God inside them.

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