Feb 2

We must waken up to the mind trends that are damaging… thoughts not dictated by reason integrity but followed by fear of standing alone in the light of our own intelligence and faith in the qualities that have resulted in constructive human endeavour.

Mental bullying is powerful only when we are fearful. Unless we stand freely to express our truest thoughts and attitudes regardless of ‘thought police’ and those who wish to control our minds and take away our freedom – only enslavement can be the result.

In present times many nations and cultures have become uncertain and their strength and health in their communities is being tested and often found wanting, particularly as there are signs of threatened violence by stealth of a largely invisible enemy that fans the fears of all people.

Times are dramatic and chaos exists in the material world. Our children need protection of their minds as well as their bodies.

We must provide a strong voice for the nurturing of our children in values that strengthen goodness
if indeed we wish them a chance for a good future which they can not only enjoy but to which they can contribute by building a future and better world.

Their survival in the present world violence is less assured than we would wish.

If our leaders persist in following trends of thinking that neglect their prime responsibility for the protection and welfare of our nation we cannot be guaranteed that the disintegration of our community morals and integrity of our minds will not allow our destruction as a civilization. All the hard won advances of mankind suffer betrayal in the hands of evil and violence.

The survival of our children in the present world violence and amidst the insanity that dictates it, is endangered. It will be up to our younger generations to counter the evils. Help them keep clear thought and prayer for their strength to help bring the world to sanity and to peace.

More and more we have had to lose confidence in our leaders. They have not been capable of guiding us to the goodness and peace we all desire. More and more we must rely upon our own thought and common sense and with confidence, persist in seeking to find the way to a good and true society, much of which will depend upon our children now coming to maturity.

Do not let them be subjected to violence in any form of persuasion that is not aligned to the highest ideals and seek to nurture and realize their peaceful objectives in life.


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